Drum, Ceremonial 8.5" w/stick

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Unleash the power of sound with our stunning Ceremonial Drum, crafted with utmost care and precision in Bali. This small 8.5" diameter drum is adorned with beautiful leather and cotton twine, making it a stunning piece of art as well as a musical instrument. The included wooden stick allows you to create mesmerizing rhythms and beats that will captivate your audience and transport them to a different world. Whether you're using it for ceremonial purposes or adding another unique element to your musical ensemble, our Ceremonial Drum is a must-have item. Its compact size makes it easy to transport, so you can take it on the road and share its captivating sound with new audiences. Crafted with skillful hands and featuring intricate detailing, our Ceremonial Drum is not just a functional musical instrument but also a beautiful piece of decor. Place it in your music studio or living room to add a touch of ethnic charm and sophistication to your surroundings. Experience the joy of creating beautiful rhythms and beats with our Ceremonial Drum. Order yours today and unleash the power of sound.

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