DAWN BARKER - Astrologer, Channel, Medium, Finding Lost Things, Medical Intuitive, Dream Interpretation, Messages from the Other Side, Using Power Animals and Gemstones, Reading Your Astrology Chart

Born under the psychic sign of Pisces, I’ve always had a strong connection to the metaphysical world. I use the ancient and honorable science of Astrology to divine the workings of the world, and I channel the Michael Entity, Spirit Guides, and loved ones on the other side to answer more personal questions. 

Being of Irish descent, I’ve always had a knack for finding lost things. While I’m dedicated to operating for your highest and best, I love using humor in my practice. I have a straightforward, no-holes-barred style.

I also work with power animals, the healing properties of gems and minerals, and I interpret dreams. 

Background and Training

For me it was all about reincarnation! So I went to college and studied archaeology before I found out that the questions I wanted answered to were not to be found with a trowel. I started with Edgar Cayce, and went on to Seth, Ramtha, Sylvia Browne, Carlos Castanada, Emmanuel, Ernest Holmes, and many others before I discovered the Michael Teachings as introduced by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I was very lucky to study astrology and channeling with the internationally renowned Michael channel, Emily Baumbach. 

The Michael Entity is an ancient group of 1050 human beings who have graduated from the Earth Plane, to the Astral Plane, and now reside and teach from the Causal Plane. The Michael Entity is a cousin to the Abraham Entity, channeled by Esther Hicks. Michael teaches us about the long and winding path of life in the physical world, a path designed to take raw consciousness and perfect it into the immortal divine. Michael is the only Causal Plane teacher I know of to use hysterical humor and frank statements about sex to get their points across. 

In the Michael Teachings system I am: a first level old Warrior with a goal of Growth, a Spiritualist in Aggression mode, intellectually centered - moving part, with a primary chief feature of Impatience, and a secondary of Self Deprecation. Frequency 70, and male/female balance of 70/30. 

$60/30 minutes; $120/hour. 

Psychic Fair rates: $45/30 minutes; $90/hour

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