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Selenite Tower Tea light Candle HolderSelenite Tower Tea light Candle Holder
Selenite Tower Lamp 6-7 in. TallSelenite Tower Lamp 6-7 in. Tall
Shungite SphereShungite Sphere
Shungite Sphere
Sale price$40.00
Hematite, Magnetic SphereHematite, Magnetic Sphere
Pocket Stone, Flower of Life-Lapis LazuliPocket Stone, Flower of Life-Lapis Lazuli
Pocket Stone, Flower of Life-Quartz/RosePocket Stone, Flower of Life-Quartz/Rose
Pendant, Rose Quartz Merkaba
Ancient Tradition of Angels (Q)
Sphere, Magnet Rainbow HematiteSphere, Magnet Rainbow Hematite
Plate, Obsidian Flower of Life 3"
Ancient Secret of the Flower o
Ancient Secret of the Flower o
Banner, Ancient Blessings (streamer) - ForHeavenSake
Merkaba, Black Obsidian 2.5"
Sale price$12.00
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Merkaba, Aventurine/Green 3/4i
Merkaba, Clear Quartz, 1/2in.
Mobile, Merkabah of Oneness

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