Chakra Balancing and Clearing

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Singing Bowl, Aura 6" F Note Heart Chakra
Chakra Heart Companion-SS
Wand, Chakra w-Velvet Bag
Sphere Stand w-7 Natural Chakra Stone Spheres
Pendant, Chakra Stones
Journal, Leather w-Chakra Stones, 10x7in.Journal, Leather w-Chakra Stones, 10x7in.
Flags, Chakra - ForHeavenSake
Flags, Chakra
Sale price$55.95
Banner, Rainbow Chakra
Japamala, 7 Chakra w/ RudrakshaJapamala, 7 Chakra w/ Rudraksha
Earrings, Copper Drop w-Chakra  Gemstones
Worry Stone, Carved Chakra SetWorry Stone, Carved Chakra Set
Mobiles, Crystal Balls Chakra
Banner, Chakra Prana - Large
Banner, 12x48 Lg ChaKra
Placque, 7 Chakras, Raw Wood
Orgonite Pyramid, Round with Chakra StonesOrgonite Pyramid, Round with Chakra Stones
Crystal Chakra Ball 30mm - ForHeavenSake
Banner, Cotton Flaps 7-Chakra SymbolsBanner, Cotton Flaps 7-Chakra Symbols

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