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Cage, Metal (2 sizes)Cage, Metal (2 sizes)
Cage, Metal (2 sizes)
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Bracelet, Assorted 8mmBracelet, Assorted 8mm
Bracelet, Assorted 8mm
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Black Cotton Cord, 2mm diameter 1 yardBlack Cotton Cord, 2mm diameter 1 yard
Bracelet, Tigereye/Gold 8mm beadsBracelet, Tigereye/Gold 8mm beads
Bracelet, Energy: Peace and Abundance
Pendant, Weeping Buddha Solid Brass
Bracelet, Chakra 7 Mini 6mmBracelet, Chakra 7 Mini 6mm
Pendant, Tourmaline/Black w/Brass Cap-smallPendant, Tourmaline/Black w/Brass Cap-small
Keychain, DZI Bead
Keychain, DZI Bead
Sale price$14.95
Keychain, Elephant Wood
Keychain, Dragon Wood
Keychain, Kuan Yin Wood
Mala, Large Jade w/Carnelian
Mala, Large Onyx 14mm beads
Bracelet, Black Lace Agate Chunky
Bracelet, DZI/Brown Bead
Bracelet, Lace Agate Chunky

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