Smudge Sticks and Sage

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White Sage, LargeWhite Sage, Large
White Sage, Large
Sale price$11.95
Sage, White/Fancy Small 4in.Sage, White/Fancy Small 4in.
Deluxe Smudge Kit IIDeluxe Smudge Kit II
Sage, White Sage & Cedar 2-Pack WandsSage, White Sage & Cedar 2-Pack Wands
Charcoal Swift-Lite Tablets
Sweetgrass Braid 15in.Sweetgrass Braid 15in.
Feather, TurkeyFeather, Turkey
Feather, Turkey
Sale price$4.95
White Sage & Sweetgrass Mix 1oz. BagWhite Sage & Sweetgrass Mix 1oz. Bag
White Sage & Yerba Santa Mini WandsWhite Sage & Yerba Santa Mini Wands
Desert Sage Wand: LargeDesert Sage Wand: Large
Smudge Kit: Abalone Shell,
Burner, Charcoal, Soapstone Et
Burner, Charcoal, Soapstone Tr
IH, Cone/Charcoal Brass 2.5in.
Charcoal Three Kings INDAR
Charcoal Swift-Lite Tablets
Abalone Shell SMAbalone Shell SM - ForHeavenSake
Abalone Shell SM
Sale price$15.95
Yerba Santa 4in Bundle
Sweetgrass, Braid 30in.
Yerba Santa Loose 1oz.Yerba Santa Loose 1oz.

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