I honor all Souls as Divine beings of Light.

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About :

Katie Moseley connects with Spirit Guides to access information that assists clients in the rapid evolution of their soul. She specializes in identifying and resetting subconscious programming, multidimensional reality, integrating spiritual awakenings, and embracing a heart-opening presence. Her intention is to guide people, with absolute loving kindness, to a place where they can find a connection to their truest Self.

Katie channels a high-dimensional Collective of Light who bring unconditional love and support for your conscious evolution. She exchanges information from higher states of consciousness to provide clarity and expanded awareness.

From a young age, she was deeply engaged with vibrant senses, potent emotions and attuned with the spirit realm and other dimensions. She holds multiple certificates in Subtle Energy and is a graduate student in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University. As a mother of two girls, with two decades experience teaching she enjoys guiding people through mindful meditation and teaching clairvoyance. She is a trauma-informed reader and offers meditation workshops and channeling circles.  

Katie's own experience overcoming trauma and embracing the human condition fuels her work, as detailed in her memoir "Electric Katieland: A Journey of Awakening.” She is an advocate of plant medicine and the gates of consciousness they have the potential to open. When she's not exploring consciousness or writing sci-fi adventures, she enjoys nature's beauty with her daughters, rock climbing, and cuddling their beloved cat.

Books: Electric Katieland: A Journey of Awakening & Switching to Analog

Media: Voyage Denver, Psychedelic Scene Magazine, Canvas RebelShoutout Colorado, and podcast "The Psychedelic Mom.”

Benefits of Psychic Readings: 

Personal Growth

Gaining Insights and Guidance

Clearing Subconscious Programs

Connecting with something greater

Connection with deceased loved ones

Inner Child Healing

Emotional Healing

Heart Expansion


Life Path


Payments: Cash, Venmo, or Square

Standard Rates: $75 for 30 minutes / $150 for 60 minutes

Psychic Fair Rates: $45 for 30 minutes / $90 for 60 Minutes

I am available at For Heaven's Sake at the Applewood location on Psychic Fair Fridays from 11-7 p.m. Schedule a session: KATIE MOSELEY - ForHeavenSake or call the store: 303.964.9339 to book a session to fit your schedule.