Melodie Matice – Inspirational Life Mentor & Spiritual Coach, Soul Intuitive Reader, Reiki Balancing Energy, Relaxing Multidimensional Energy Work, Light Body Activations 

Tired? Stressed Out? Aches and Pains? Financially Concerned? Unfulfilled Desires? I can help you get back on track with proven techniques I have personally created that could change your life! Melodie can make a difference in your situation - whatever is going on!

Melodie's experience includes being an Inspirational Life Mentor, Soul Intuitive Reader, Relaxing Energy Worker, and Reiki Master Teacher. She teaches Reiki classes and offers sessions in Light Body Activations, Karma Releases, Cellular Memory Releases, Multidimensional Energy Work, Manifesting Your Desires and various ceremonies designed to raise your vibratory frequency! My "dream life" is to help you find yours.

Melodie has been both a student and teacher of spiritual truth for many years. She had a profound transformation during a near-death experience. After this experience, Melodie traveled the world to study, pray and heal with higher consciousness teachers outside as well as inside the United States.Melodie has various degrees, credentials and training in many energy and consciousness-raising modalities. One of her favorite pastimes is public speaking. “Creating Your Heart’s Desires,” “Manifesting Prosperity,” “3-Minute Techniques To Reduce Stress” and “Living The Law Of Attraction” are among her favorite presentations. A gifted intuitive reader, Melodie provides answers to many questions including your soul’s purpose in this incarnation. She also is experienced in many and various types of balancing and relaxing energy work. She assists individuals in opening to higher levels of consciousness and well-being they can create for themselves. If individuals so desire, they can bring in a list of what they would like to release or change in their lives to manifest their desires. Melodie is in the process of completing a book that is expected to roll off the presses soon.

Melodie is available at our Denver store on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. $55/30 minutes; $111/hour. Melodie takes walk-in clients or scheduled appointments. Call 303-964-9339 to schedule your appointment, or book it online here




"Melodie has had a profound impact on my life. She has given me guidance, intuitive insight and deeply strengthened my connection with the world around me in a way no one else ever has. Not only is she caring and kind, but by simply being in her presence you can feel her powerful loving energy." - Liz, Denver

"Melodie Matice is an amazing gifted person. I have done all the light activations with her and have noticed an increase in my vibration. Her readings are very loving and comforting as well as insightful. She is a great prayer warrior as well. Once you get on her prayer list, things will change for the better. They did for me and they will for you too! What I love about Melodie is the amount of Light and Joy she brings into your life. I feel lighter and more blessed every time I meet with her." - Don F.

"Melodie has been incredible! I wasn't really sure how I felt about energy work when I first went to see her but I can tell you now that I would recommend her to anyone anytime. With her peaceful nature and sweet, sincere caring way she has helped me make my life what it is now. I was in a dead end job working with unhappy people and my days were filled with stress. Within a few months I am now working my dream job making more money that I thought I could, I'm surrounded by positive people who really care about me, my relationships have improved and I find myself walking around smiling at life. Thank you Melodie for all you have done for me!" - Angie

"Melodie is a beautiful soul, who helps her clients using her experience, knowledge & gifts to guide them through life's many challenges and obstacles." - Angela, Denver, Colorado