Amista is a country girl from Missouri, growing up as smack dab in the heart of the Bible belt.  She was taught as a child that anything to do with the psychic world was of the devil and to be avoided at all costs to keep from burning in hell for eternity. Curious about psychic things, but was not willing to take that kind of chance with her soul, she avoided just about everything to do with it. 

When she was 41 years old, her significant other passed away. Four hours after His death, very much to her surprise, they began to have conversations back and forth in which she clearly heard His thoughts that were directed towards her. 

It was during her time of grieving for him that she began to investigate ESP, psychic claims and mediumship. What she found is that many who are involved in these types of activities are lovely, lovely souls, who care very much about the integrity and the responsibility of what they were doing. 

These people helped her to realize that what was happening with her was certainly not “of the devil” and to appreciate that she has a gift to offer those around her. One that brings them comfort, clarity and very real help. As a result of these interactions she developed and honed her skills as a professional psychic tarot reader. She has been a professional lightworker as her sole means of supporting herself since then. She has been serving the public with her skills since 2012.

It is her mission to bring each one of her psychic clients real clarity as they make decisions that are important to them on their journey through this lifetime. 

Amista's pricing for psychic tarot readings: $100/30 minutes; $150/45 minutes; $200/60 minutes. Pricing for a reiki session is $112. A reiki session with Amista can last between 30 minutes to an hour because she likes to let the reiki indicate when it's time to close up the session. Due to this, your appointment window will be 60 minutes. 
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