Heather Kokx has 20+ years of experience practicing energy healing. She is known for helping people on their healing path of self-love, removing toxic relationships, past traumas, and people just wanting to move forward in life but not knowing how. With the help of her guides and yours, Heather reads the layers of energy surrounding the body. She then removes those layers and any other energies holding you back. People say they feel lighter, brighter, and more positive after a healing session with Heather. Heather is also the author of Gateway to Healing, a book about her healing journey and the lessons she learned from her years of practicing healing.

Testimonial: “I had so many deep dark secrets from my past that kept me sick for a long time. I didn’t know how to cope with certain events and pushed it all down. I saw a few different psychiatrists throughout my life, took meds, sought religion, but nothing ever helped me be free. When I found Heather and received energy work, it began the road to freedom. It was like intense therapy, but I felt so comfortable and safe. Unlike anything I have ever experienced, she really changed my life. I have come to more understanding, acceptance, love for myself, and feel peace.” ~ Melissa C.

Hours: 2–7 p.m. - Non-Fair Fridays of the Month at Applewood

Investment: $1.50/minute, minimum of 30 minutes