Our stores offer a variety of Spiritual Practitioners. Please read their bios below prior to scheduling an appointment to be sure you book the service you prefer. 

Available in-store or via phone/Zoom/FaceTime. Specialties include Psychic Readers, Psychic Mediums / Psychic Mediumship, Medical Intuitive Readers, Tarot Card Readers, Palmists, Astrologers, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Practitioners, Clairvoyants, Pet Psychics, Aura Readers, Akashic Record Readers, Dowsers, Soul Identification Practitioners, House and Business clearings and blessings, and Chakra Balancing / Energy Healers in both stores every day. During our Psychic Fair weekends, we offer Psychic Fair rates of $1.50 per minute!

Learn more about each reader by clicking their name below for a YouTube Video introduction. Schedule now Book an Appointment - NEW! - ForHeavenSake or call either store to make an appointment: Denver store phone: 303-964-9339, Applewood store phone: 303-284-3470.  

Amista Bennett - PSYCHIC TAROT / REIKI MASTER - Amista is a country girl from Missouri, when she was 41 years old, her significant other passed away. Four hours after His death, very much to her surprise, they began to have conversations back and forth in which she clearly heard His thoughts that were directed towards her. It was during her time of grieving for him that she began to investigate ESP, psychic claims and mediumship. What she found is that many who are involved in these types of activities are lovely, lovely souls, who care very much about the integrity and the responsibility of what they were doing. It is her mission to bring each one of her psychic client's real clarities as they make decisions that are important to them on their journey through this lifetime. 

Amista's pricing for psychic tarot readings:
$100/30 minutes; $150/45 minutes; $200/60 minutes.
Pricing for a reiki session is $112. A reiki session with Amista can last between 30 minutes to an hour because she likes to let the reiki indicate when it's time to close up the session. Due to this, your appointment window will be 60 minutes. 
Register Online or Call the store to schedule your appointment: 303-964-9339


Barb Crowley - PSYCHIC / PAST LIVES / SOUL JOURNEY IDENTIFICATION - Readings for People and Pets, Past Lives, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Soul Journey Identification, Spiritual, Emotional, Energy Bodies Readings Remove Energy Blocks and Cords, Aura Clearings, House & Business Healings, Teacher. Barb’s abilities are inherited from generations of ancestral Celtic Psychics and Intuitive Healers. A natural clairvoyant at birth, Barb has also been trained in the Berkeley Psychic Institute method, using your name to tune into your spirit through love and neutrality. 

$60/30 minutes; $120/hour

Psychic Fair rates: $45/30 minutes; $90/hour

Book your appointment Online or Call the store to book your appointment 303-964-9339.


Becky Swenson - ADVANCED REIKI PRACTITIONER / YOGA INSTRUCTOR Join Becky for an energetic healing treatment through movement and/or stillness. Becky offers healing appointments with the powerful tool of Reiki (gentle, energy treatment) as a stand alone or with complimentary, aligned tools to cultivate a unique, personalized, transformational experience.

Becky is available for private sessions in-store by appointment or drop-in. Book Online Now or call the store to reserve your space: 303-284-3470

$111/60 minutes; $65/30 minutes

Psychic Fair $1.50 per minute


Chantae Shor - ADVANCED REIKI PRACTITIONER - Chantae invites you to the table for a Reiki healing session. Grounding is her specialty. She will become your conduit for the Universal Life Force Energy. Chantae is available by drop-ins when filling in for other practitioners for private sessions.

$80/30 minutes; $131/hour - Psychic Fair rate $45/30 minutes, $90/hour

Book your appointment online or by calling the Applewood store: (303) 284-3470.


Dawn Barker - ASTROLOGER / PALMIST / CHANNEL / MEDIUM / FINDER OF LOST THINGS - Astrologer, Channel, Medium, Finding Lost Things, Medical Intuitive, Dream Interpretation, Messages from the Other Side, Using Power Animals and Gemstones, Reading Your Astrology Chart. Born under the psychic sign of Pisces, I’ve always had a strong connection to the metaphysical world. I use the ancient and honorable science of Astrology to divine the workings of the world, and I channel the Michael Entity, Spirit Guides, and loved ones on the other side to answer more personal questions. 

$55/30 minutes; $100/1 hour

Book your appointment online or call the Applewood store: (303) 284-3470 to reserve your space.


Deanna Gloyd - AKASHIC RECORDS READINGS / DOWSING / MEDIUMSHIP - Deanna's connection with the Divine helps her to connect with SPIRIT / God in a unique way. Through her faith walk with SPIRIT she has been able to speak with spirits (mediumship), enhance other's connection with their spirit guides and angels (help them to hear, see, or feel their own guidance), clear ghost and spirits from homes, businesses, and people. Akashic Records Readings are fast-paced and information-packed. They are also driven by YOUR intention for your life. Deanna will access your Akashic Records and your personal team of Spirit Guides to receive the information that is most important for you right now. 

Deanna is available at the Denver store on Thursday afternoons from 11-5 by appointment or walk-in. $75/30 minutes; $142/hour.

She is also available every Psychic Fair Friday at the Denver store, offering services at $45/30 minutes; $90/hour.

You can book online now or call the store to book your appointment: 303-964-9339.


Diane Maria - TELEPATHIC CHANNEL/ PSYCHIC MEDIUM / CLAIRVOYANT - Career Moves, Real Estate, Business Ventures, Romance, Relationships, Pets, In-Person Readings, Healing & Clearing, & Phone Readings. Our sessions will include conversational dialogue, while I AM in a light to deep transcendent state. (So, I might not always remember what was said through me). All readings are relayed through the Divine Dimension, Archangel Michael, and the Ascended Masters, even as I share communication with & from your loved ones who have transitioned, as well as your Guides & Guardians, etc. If you have a list of questions, we can go through them one by one for the guidance you seek.

Payments: Cash or Credit (via Square)
Psychic Fair Rates: $45 for 30 minutes / $90 for 60 Minutes
Standard Store & Phone Rates: $60 for 30 minutes / $120 for 60 minutes

Book online now or Call the store to book your appointment: (303) 284-3470


Donna DeNomme - TAROT / REIKI / LIFE COACH / AUTHOR - Together let’s discover, transform, expand, and express more . . . in alignment with our truest, most authentic, and essential selves. Let’s celebrate the sacred that lives around, in, and through us as the expression of our lives, as well as drawing forward and developing our own creative gifts in whatever area beckons for expression because ultimately, everything we say and do is part of our Soul Creativity. When we awaken a masterful life, we can live the life we love and love the life we live. Wild Success is about the power of personal and conscious choice. It is having the boldness of freedom to choose how to shape your own life into the personal masterpiece it was meant to be. There is so much more to you than even you know ….. 

Donna is available for private sessions, $80/30 minutes, $125/hour - Psychic Fair rate $45/30 minutes, $90/hour.

Book online now or call the Applewood store to book your appointment: (303) 284-3470.

View Donna's entire offering here. 


Heather Kokx - ENERGY HEALING / ENERGY WORK / CHAKRA BALANCING / AUTHOR - Heather Kokx has 20+ years of experience practicing energy healing. She is known for helping people on their healing path of self-love, removing toxic relationships, past traumas, and people just wanting to move forward in life but not knowing how. With the help of her guides and yours, Heather reads the layers of energy surrounding the body. She then removes those layers and any other energies holding you back.


Hours: 2–7 pm  - Non Fair Fridays of the Month at Applewood

Investment: $1.50/minute, minimum of 30 minutes ($45/30 minutes; $90/1 hour)

Book online now or Call the Applewood store to schedule: (303) 284-3470


 Katie Moseley - MEDITATION GUIDE / PSYCHIC CHANNEL / TRANSPERSONAL THERAPY - I honor all Souls as Divine beings of Light. Psychic | Healer | Guide | Author Modalities: Psychic/Clairvoyant Readings, Channeling/Mediumship, Psychedelic Integration, Mindful Meditation, Oracle Cards.

Katie Moseley connects with Spirit Guides to access information that assists clients in the rapid evolution of their soul. She specializes in identifying and resetting subconscious programming, multidimensional reality, integrating spiritual awakenings, and embracing a heart-opening presence. Her intention is to guide people, with absolute loving kindness, to a place where they can find a connection to their truest Self. Katie channels a high-dimensional Collective of Light who bring unconditional love and support for your conscious evolution. She exchanges information from higher states of consciousness to provide clarity and expanded awareness. From a young age, she was deeply engaged with vibrant senses, potent emotions and attuned with the spirit realm and other dimensions. She holds multiple certificates in Subtle Energy and is a graduate student in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University.

Payments: Cash, Venmo, or Square

Standard Rates: $75 for 30 minutes / $150 for 60 minutes

Psychic Fair Rates: $45 for 30 minutes / $90 for 60 Minutes

I am available at For Heaven's Sake at the Applewood location on Psychic Fair Fridays from 11-7 p.m. Book a session online or call the Applewood store: 303.284.3470 to schedule a session to fit your schedule.


Kris Gibbs - TAROT / CHANNEL / PSYCHIC MEDIUM - Kris Gibbs offers angelic readings which are a fusion of innate psychic and mediumship talents. She has a background of education and three decades of teaching metaphysics. As a Reiki Master and teacher, Kris brings a holistic approach to her work. As a psychic medium, she is guided by the wisdom of the archangels-Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. Her readings are authentic and weave together a rich tapestry of insight.

Psychic Fair Rates:  $45/30 minutes; $90/1 Hour

Book online or call the Applewood store to schedule: (303) 284-3470


Ky Gabriel - INTUITIVE / DIVYA STONES CRYSTAL ACASTING DIVINATION READINGS - Ky Gabriel offers her one-of-a-kind Divya Stones Crystal Casting Divination Readings™ at our Applewood location. divya [ dih - vyuh ] - adj. divine - “Divyanation” divya [ dih - vyuh ] - adj. divine; celestial; magical; heavenly; magnificent; n. the divine (pl. the heavens) -v. to cast, throw.

*Spiritual Counseling and Guidance (one-hour sessions only)
*Embodied Intention for Manifestation sessions (a guided meditation experience)
*Crystal Healing/Clearing and Chakra Balancing Sessions (on the massage table with the use of crystals)

    Ky is an intuitive reader offering readings based on the casting of crystals and stones onto a custom divination board that she developed, adorned with symbols and structured themes. She uses her vast knowledge of the stones’ energies, their placement and her intuitive abilities to provide insightful readings.

    Spiritual Counseling and Guidance (one hour sessions only)

    Regular Rates: $60/30 minutes; $120/hour (1 hr. minimum Energy work / Spiritual counseling).

    Psychic Fair Rates:  $45/30 minutes; $90/hour

    Embodied Intention for Manifestation sessions (a guided meditation experience)

    Crystal Healing/Clearing and Chakra Balancing Sessions (on the massage table with the use of crystals) 

    Ky is currently available at both our Denver and Applewood stores. Book your appointment online or call the Applewood store to schedule an appointment: 303-284-3470.


    Mavis Salazar - MAYAN PRIEST / READER /  CURANDERA - I bring many years' experience in counseling individuals using empathic and intuitive skills using a variety of methods, including but not limited to cards, colors, sounds, and smells. I am culturally confident when working with people.

    Regular Rates: $60/30 minutes, $120/hour. Psychic Fair Rates: $45/30 minutes, $90/hour

    Mavis works at the Denver store. Please check the calendar for her availability. Book online now or call the Denver store to schedule an appointment: 303-964-9339

    Habla español:

    Mavis Salazar - SACERDOTE MAYA / LECTOR / CURANDERA - Aporto muchos años de experiencia en el asesoramiento de personas utilizando habilidades empáticas e intuitivas utilizando una variedad de métodos, que incluyen, entre otros, tarjetas, colores, sonidos y olores. Tengo confianza cultural cuando trabajo con personas.

    Tarifas regulares: $60/30 minutos, $120/hora. Tarifas de Feria Psíquica: $ 45 / 30 minutos, $ 90 / hora

    Mavis trabaja en la tienda de Denver. Por favor, consulte el calendario para conocer su disponibilidad. Reserve en línea ahora o llame a la tienda de Denver para programar una cita: 303-964-9339


    Melodie Matice - REIKI MASTER / PSYCHIC / SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH - Tired? Stressed Out? Aches and Pains? Financially Concerned? Unfulfilled Desires? I can help you get back on track with proven techniques I have personally created that could change your life! Melodie can make a difference in your situation - whatever is going on! Melodie's experience includes being an Inspirational Life Mentor, Soul Intuitive Reader, Relaxing Energy Worker, and Reiki Master Teacher. She teaches Reiki classes and offers sessions in Light Body Activations, Karma Releases, Cellular Memory Releases, Multidimensional Energy Work, Manifesting Your Desires and various ceremonies designed to raise your vibratory frequency! My "dream life" is to help you find yours.

    Payments: Cash or Check or Credit Card
    Rates: $45 for 30 minutes; $90 for 60 minutes
    In Person, Zoom & Phone

    Melodie works out of our Denver store on Saturdays and our Applewood store on Thursdays. Book Online now or Call the Denver store to schedule your appointment: (303) 964-9339.


     Sheri Engsberg - ADVANCED REIKI PRACTITIONER - Relaxation and stress-relief bodywork/energy session.

    Session Rates: $85/30 minutes; $125/1 hour

    Sheri works out of our Applewood store on Mondays. Book your gentle energy session online now or call the Applewood store to schedule: (303) 284.3470.


    Vanessa Lee - PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING - Channeling is used in everything I do - Tarot Cards, Numerology, Palmistry, Feng-Shui Bazi Charts.

    The following is scheduled separately from the above Feng-Shui Bazi Chart (D.O.B. with hour required) Astrocartography (D.O.B with time of birth and location required).

    While you may have never heard of Vanessa, she has been doing readings for her clients for over 30 years for friends and referrals. As she steps into the limelight at the request of her clients, she pursues her passion for helping humanity rise above the same old tired loops of old programming by revealing the blocks that hinder you through very detailed tarot readings. The cards can show her what chakras are needing attention, the current path you’re on and any subconscious blocks. 

    Regular Rates: $77/30 minutes; $147/60 minutes; $197/90 minutes.

    Psychic Fair rates: $45/30 minutes; $90/1 hour

    Vanessa Lee - In Store at the Denver location on non-Fair Sundays; In Store at the Applewood/Lakewood location on Psychic Fair Saturdays 11-7. Book online now or call the Applewood store to schedule your appointment: (303) 284-3470.