Vanessa Lee - In Store at the Applewood/Lakewood store on Saturdays 11-7

Psychic Life Coaching - Channeling is used in everything I do

Tarot Cards



The following is scheduled separately from the above


Bazi Chart  (D.O.B. with hour required)

Astrocartography (D.O.B with time of birth and location required) 

While you may have never heard of Vanessa, she has been doing readings for her clients for over 30 years for friends and referrals. As she steps into the limelight at the request of her clients she pursues her passion for helping humanity rise above the same old tired loops of old programming by revealing the blocks that hinder you through very detailed tarot readings. The cards can show her what chakras are needing attention, the current path you’re on and any subconscious blocks. Vanessa studied and developed her gifts with Award Winning Psychic Suzanne Wagner. The unique numerology Vanessa presents to you tells you what the current year is for you personally and when it will shift to the next phase. Including if you’re experiencing the “dark night of the soul phase” but with the lesson for you to focus on so your soul can “graduate” to the next phase. With palmistry Vanessa can feel for any energy blocks , what areas of your life have either been completed or are still in the process of transforming. 

For those of you interested in learning more about Feng-Shui, Bazi chart analysis she can give you a taste of this lesser known style of incorporating awareness and how you can make changes that are tangible. These include areas that are best to work in or sleep in, including your personal Guardian of Destiny that can help shift old patterns of negative thinking as long as you practice them in a guided meditation. 

Astrocartography can help you understand the best places for you to live and travel, along with areas that are detrimental to avoid. These are personal to you only, and require your full date of birth with the location you were born. Please have your time of birth as well. It’s necessary for accuracy.

Vanessa will help you discover your path to enlightenment. 



I just want to say that Vanessa Lee has been reading for me for the past three years. She is the real deal, so gifted. If you want a great and accurate reading she’s your girl. 

She has always been right on each time, her knowledge and gift get right into your soul. She has helped me with so many issues, things I didn’t even know where there. She immediately connects with your animal guides and whoever you have working on the other side for you. I am always fascinated at her ability to translate what my guides have been trying to tell me. Many times we have been in a reading and just amazed at what comes through, we have both said to one another “ you just can’t make this shit up “.

Her readings are spot on every time for me. I always walk away thinking, “how could she possibly know that?” -Vickie Blume 


Price list: 

Vanessa’s rates: 

30 minutes $77.00

60 minutes $147.00

90 minutes $197.00

Psychic Fair rates:

30 minutes $45.00

60 minutes $90.00