Through the BLESSINGS OF THESE SACRED GIFTS, I can help you with whatever your specific needs may be:

Career Moves, Real Estate, Business Ventures, Romance, Relationships, Pets, In-Person Readings, Healing & Clearing, & Phone Readings. Our sessions will include conversational dialogue, while I AM in a light to deep transcendent state. (So I might not always remember what was said through me). All readings are relayed through the Divine Dimension, even as I share communication with & from your loved ones who have transitioned, as well as your Guides & Guardians, etc. If you have a list of questions, we can go through them one by one for the guidance you seek.

“I have known Diane Maria for 40 years. Throughout this time, Diane has been a true, reliable counselor, confidante, & guiding light. Her advice, input & admonitions have helped me both as a Psychotherapist & as an individual facing health & other personal crises. Her perspectives have influenced my work as a Counselor & Psychotherapist. Her wisdom, caring & love all reflect her deep Spiritual Guidance, which is rooted in Service & Humility. I hold Diane in the highest regard, & recommend her to anyone seeking direction in areas where the fog of life limits our vision. Victor C., LISW. Social Worker, Psychotherapist.”

“Over the past four decades, Diane has shared her Sacred Intuitive Gifts with all 4 generations of my family. She has been instrumental in guiding us through COMPLEX ISSUES, including personal & health traumas, interpersonal & familial relationships, business & finance. Her guidance has always been trustworthy & reliable. She will often call spontaneously to share perceptions & perspectives she continues to receive on our behalf, including extremely important & timely precautionary information. These insights have always proven to be powerfully effective. When I refer friends & family to her to seek pertinent guidance, they are always grateful & feel blessed for the clarity she has provided. Jane A.”

Payments: Cash or Credit (via Square)
Psychic Fair Rates: $45 for 30 minutes / $90 for 60 Minutes
Standard Store & Phone Rates: $60 for 30 minutes / $120 for 60 minutes

Call the store to book your appointment, 303-953-8760