Ky Gabriel offers her one-of-a-kind Divya Stones Crystal Casting Divination Readings™ at our Applewood location. 

divya [ dih - vyuh ] - adj. divine
“Divyanation” divya [ dih - vyuh ] - adj. divine; celestial; magical; heavenly; magnificent; n. the divine (pl. the heavens) -v. to cast, throw

Ky is an intuitive offering readings based on the casting of crystals and stones onto a custom divination board that she developed, adorned with symbols and structured themes. She uses her vast knowledge of the stones’ energies, their placement and her intuitive abilities to provide insightful readings.

Ky is available every Wednesday, first Psychic Fair Saturday and second Psychic Fair Sunday at our Applewood location. Call the store for your appointment: 303-284-3470 or book online by clicking the button below. 
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