Pendant, Wire Wrapped - Assorted double terminated points 1.5" Long

Stone: Aventurine/Green
Wire-Wrapped: Wire-Wrapped
Sale price$9.95


AMAZONITE - Wire Wrapped - Calms. Aligns mind and spirit. Aids meditation & personal expression. Brings prosperity.
Healing energy penetrates to the molecular level. Strengthens nerve synapses & meridians.
Blocks EMFs. 4th, 5th Chakras
AVENTURINE/GREEN - Wire Wrapped - Encourages creativity, gives courage and independence.
Best for fear free thoughts.
When we are not inhibited by fear we can create freely and attract what we truly deserve such as prosperity.
BLOODSTONE - Wire Wrapped - Protects against bullying and threats.
Great for blood diseases and cleansing. Known for healing, love, courage, acceptance, grounding.
Grants wisdom, creativity, spirituality, intuition, balance and decisiveness. Helps with childbirth.
Root, Heart chakras.
JASPER/COBRA - Wire Wrapped - Helps open the door to our spirituality.
Brings teachers, wisdom, and books into one’s life. Removes obstacles on spiritual path.
Helpful with meditation and focus. Clears all chakras and removes energy blocks. 5th & 7th
JASPER/FANCY - Wire Wrapped - Known as Stone of Tranquility.
Firmly grounds one in the body. Stone of perseverance, mental discipline & gentle comfort.
Helps to get through uncomfortable situations. Slow, steady healing.
Helps to boost energy, shamanic journeys. Detoxifies, cleanses.
JASPER/MARIAM - Wire Wrapped - Clears electromagnetic & environmental pollution.
Defends from fears in the night. Gives one the courage to speak up for one's self & have personal freedom.
Serves to counterbalance the busy modern world by bringing back pleasure in nature.
PYRITE - Wire Wrapped - Protection. Grounding. Intellect, health, prosperity.
Aids memory, concentration, spiritual growth & psychic ability.
Emotional well-being. Deflects negativity. Ability to see facades. Bones & cell structure. 1st, 3rd chakras
QUARTZ/CLEAR - Wire Wrapped - Master healer. Amplifies the energy of stones it is near.
Removes negativity. Acts as a cleanser of the soul. Improves concentration & memory.
Enhances psychic abilities. Stimulates the immune system & brings the body into balance.
Works with all chakras.
SODALITE - Wire Wrapped - Pushes one to claim clarity, confidence & emotional intelligence in order to heighten self-trust.
Allows one to stop being afraid to use one's inner voice and 2nd guessing one's intuition.
Promotes healing of all throat related issues/illnesses and strengthening the immune system.
2nd, 6th chakra
TIGER EYE/GOLD - Wire Wrapped - Balance and grounding in difficult environments and situations.
Psychic protection. Great for business. Helps to maintain clarity and focus. Purifies the blood.
Aids digestion and night vision. Solar Plexus
TOURMALINE/BLACK - Wire Wrapped - Powerful protection, purification & grounding.
Repels negative energy. Shields & protects from being victimized. Stabilizing. Cleanses body.
Physical vitality. Clears light channel. Root, Earth Star
AMETHYST - Wire Wrapped - High spiritual vibration. Inspiration. Peace. Restful sleep. Lucid dreams. Calms fears.
Sobriety. Pain relief. Aids in coping with diabetes, autoimmune disorders and addictions. Aids pregnancy. 4th, 6th, Crown

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