Modern Wicca (Quality Paperback) by Michael Howard

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Discover the intriguing history of Witchcraft, from Gerald Gardner to the present day, in this insider's account. The evolution of Wicca is a vibrant and complex story shaped by the influential Witches who practiced it. Michael Howard, drawing on his extensive experience with Wicca, provides an intimate portrait of Gerald Gardner's life, and traces the development of modern neo-pagan Witchcraft. This book reveals little-known facts and stories about the individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping Wicca over the past sixty years, including Aleister Crowley, Alex Sanders, and influential initiates such as Doreen Valiente. From the origins of the Book of Shadows to the Museum of Magic and Witchcraft on the Isle of Man, Modern Wicca tracks the expansion of Wicca as it spread from the UK to the United States and beyond. This book offers insights into the political controversies, behind-the-scenes rivalries, and once-guarded secrets of pagan rituals, Wiccan spells, and the Craft of the Wise.

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