Fan, Prayer Feathers W Quartz

Type: Tan Wrap
Quartz Point: 13-15in.
Sale price$135.00


Prayer Fans,

They are ritualistically used in ceremony for both Physical and Spiritual healing,
medicinal plants like sage, cedarwood and sweetgrass are burned in cleansing rituals,
from cleansing your stones to clearing dark energy from a space.

What is a prayer fan?

It is said that prayer fans as a gift
can help heal the heart making them very popular as smudging fans.
As believed by the ancestors, a prayer fan has considerable healing power and
will dispatch a prayer to the heavens.

Different feathers are used in Native American prayer fans, This Fan has
Turkey Feathers:
A feather from a turkey symbolizes abundance, pride and fertility.
Parrot Feathers:
Red feathers represent goodness, power, and fertility.
White feathers symbolizes spiritual connection, angels, peace, protection, and love.
Pink feathers are seen as that love and romance will soon be yours.
Pheasant Feathers:
This Feather can guide you to use your talents and skills in order to succeed in life.
Pheasants are great at motivating others, as are the feathers.

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