Bank, Black Cat 6.8" x 5" Ceramic

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This Black Cat 6.8" x 5" bank measures 6.8 inches in height and 5 inches in width, and is made from ceramic material. The bank has a black stopper on the bottom, which can be removed to access the stored money. In metaphysical and spiritual contexts, cats are often associated with intuition, independence, and mystery. They are seen as powerful symbols of protection, good luck, and wisdom. A cat bank, therefore, could be seen as a talisman or tool for attracting these qualities into one's life. It could be used as a visual reminder to trust one's intuition and to be independent, while also seeking guidance from a higher power. In addition, the black color of the cat bank may also have spiritual significance. Black is often associated with the night, the unknown, and the unconscious. It is a color that is believed to represent protection, grounding, and the ability to access deeper levels of consciousness. Some people may also believe that placing money in a cat bank can help to attract abundance and prosperity. In this sense, the cat bank serves as a vessel for the manifestation of financial goals and aspirations.

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