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It is time to remove your mask of illusion and accept your true state of being. You are here to add to the process of expansion in a way that no other living being can do.Through your processes of experiences and lessons you contribute to the expansion of the cosmos and beyond. Think of the cosmos as a huge body of water, and you as a drop of water. With each experience, you the drop, adds to the larger body of water, thus adding to the process of expansion, cosmically. There are no boundaries to this expansion, as some scientists claim, as the cosmos will continue to expand with each experience or lesson added. It matters not if an experience is high vibrational (positive) or lower vibrational (negative) as it will still add to the cosmic expansion. The only difference is the higher vibrational experiences add more expansive energy.This, Dear One’s, is your reason for being here, as biological beings. You wanted to add to the process of expansion. Karma assists in this process through the lessons learned and shared.

The “Great Awakening” is the moving of the mask of illusion to reveal your true self; your more expansive self. This can make many feel a sense of anxiety or distress as new feelings of biological experiences are coming to the surface of emotion. These are “your” remembering’s; your awakening to “life,” in the biological self. You are coming to terms with self, recognizing what you have been doing up to this point, in your life, is no longer serving you and, now, something must change…YOU must change. A new emergence of yourself…your beliefs and your “dream-attudes” come into your peripheral vision. You know they are there, however, you are not quite sure how to bring them to light. Dear Ones, just the recognition, the knowing they are there, is your bringing them to light; through your acknowledgment! We honor and love you so much for choosing this difficult path; this third dimensional journey called life. You chose to contribute to the expansion of all by choosing this life, during this major time of “The Feminine Energetic Shift.” This choice, when made, was done out of your love for all that is and that will always be…The process of continuous love and expansion.

Go fourth and know that YOU are continuous love and share that love with all. No longer allow the mask to hide your heart. Giving of yourself to those that have yet to reached your level of awareness. Plant the seeds of love so as to grow beautifully, cosmically, expansively. You will feel this “new” state of awareness as you will “sense” a shift in your hopes and dreams…a change in your “dream-attudes.” Hope will be re-ignited within and you will begin to sense that life has more to offer than what you have experienced, thus far. Cross the barrier into the light and know that this is where you belong and where you choose to remain.

We love you ~ Nick ~ 4-5-14

Deb Klepsch – Channeling “Nick”  – Deborah has been channeling Marstuthnick (Nick) since January 2007 when he “appeared” during a past life regression. Nick says, “We are of many legions. We come to help man make aware their gifts.” Deborah has been a Reiki Master since 1997 and received her Doctor of Philosophy in Parapsychic Science in 2006 from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, Alabama.

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Publication Date: May 19, 2012


With the many changes which are occurring, see oneself as a beautiful Phoenix that rises from the ashes to begin anew. One’s journey never ends but is always changing; each time developing strength and beauty of new plumage to spread wings for new flights, taking one higher, to glide the currents of change. ~Nick~5/7/10
Deborah has been on her spiritual path since she was a child. There were many times when she “felt” things around her but could not explain to adults what they were. Then came the fear of the unknown, and she shut down her abilities. Over the years, Deborah has been training and preparing to open herself up to receive again, and in 2007 Marstuthhnick “Nick” made his appearance through a Hypnotherapy Session.


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