MoonwaterThe upcoming Full Moon eclipse will kick off a succession of eclipses through 2014. There are 4 this year.

April 2014 is being touted throughout the astrological world as the pivotal point of world change and new consciousness. This could inevitably be uncomfortable to say the least ~!  It seems we are all each going through significant adjustments both internally and externally, although this is all for the good and for our growth and enlightenment , these constant shifts and adjustments are challenging on many levels.

Eclipses serve to force change in our lives in the areas that most need it. And the easiest way to manage that is to simply `go with the flow` ~~ This first eclipse deals with relationships, both past and present. If you are needing to release old hurts and wounds in order to allow you to move forward, this will be brought to the surface. We will need to look at ALL out relationships ( including the one we have with ourselves ) and do any clearing or healing that is necessary. Choosing to try to avoid this will only result in even more confusion and un-answered questions. We need to be able to show our `true selves` to the world,,, the time of pretending, and sustaining illusions of conformity for the sake of peace is long gone. If we cannot be our authentic selves in each of our relationships then something needs to change. This eclipse may do that!

AnneClark-CayaNEWJoin Anne on April 15, Tuesday evening from 5:30-6:30 PM – Moon Gatherings with Anne Clark-Caya – presenting twice monthly Full and New Moon Gatherings with Intention Setting Visualizations

Full Moon and New Moon cycles in the astrological houses as well as nearby planets can have a significant influential role in our lives.   Anne will explain the energies of each cycle and how we can work with these prevailing energies to empower and enhance our lives.  A guided visualization will help you set clear intention to engage with each two-week moon cycle.

Anne Clark-Caya – Spiritual Energy Healer, Merkaba Meditation Teacher – Anne is British, and recently moved to the USA after living in South Africa for over 36 years.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher and international facilitator for the Flower of Life workshops.  She is an accredited Meditation Teacher, and qualified in Aromatherapy Massage, Stress Management, and Energetic Holistic Healing.  She is currently studying acupressure and Vegetarian nutrition.

Cost: $10.00/person

To book call Anne    720 383 8312 OR  For Heaven`s Sake     303 964 9339

Anne is also available on Tuesday and Wednesday  afternoons from 11-5PM or by appointment for Colour Mirror Sessions and Energy Clearing/Healing Balance.

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