PendulumDisplayPendulum 101 by Dianne Carol

How to choose a Pendulum: Oftentimes a pendulum will call to you through an emotional tug or pull. Otherwise, which one are you visually attracted to? Metal, stone, wooden? Allow a pendulum to choose you.

Your Intention: Set the intention to speak with your highest Self for information that is of the highest order, relativity and accuracy. This is oftentimes done in the form of a prayer or a statement, i.e., “I now ask to receive truthful answers which will serve the best and highest good of all concerned.”

Energetically Clean Your Pendulum: As with any object, many people and their intentions may be present on the pendulum you want to work with. The easiest way to cleanse anything is to run cold water over it. Othewise, place it in (a dry bath) dead sea salt, or simply set a mental intention to clear any energies it may have picked up/absorbed. Make sure to clear any negative energies before and after each use/question.

The Directional Swing: Pendulums can swing in straight lines vertically or horizontally and/or in circular patterns. Show Me YES” etc. Your swing patterns will be establish by you/your pendulum. After a short period of time, you will learn to associate the answers displayed by your pendulum your “gut feeling” – – – Does this feel right, true, correct?

    • Vertical: YES, Numbers, Dates/Timing
    • Horizontal: NO
    • Circular pattern: NEUTRAL or MAYBE

Proper Questions: Ask several questions. Reframe your questions in order to receive more guidance around a situation. It may also be a good idea to keep a notebook of your responses.

    • Proper Yes/No question:  Would it be for the best and highest good and greatest joy for me to take an aspirin at this time?
    • Quantities/Degree: How many aspirin would be most beneficial to take today
    • Timing: Would it be best for me to take an this aspirin before noon today?
    • Location (typically done over a map): Where would be the best place for me to live?

Resources: We have a wide variety of pendulums to choose from at For Heaven’s Sake! Also available are books, charts, and our own in-house dowser/Medical Intuitive, Carlos Tovar:

Carlos-6Carlos R. Tovar, Dowser, Physical Body Energy Reader, Medical Intuitive – “The eyes are the windows of your soul” The picture of your eye allows me to intuitively uncover issues that may be causing physical imbalances. I can help you release stress, remove emotional blocks, find relief from pain, and re-establish your energetic state of well being. Learn the seven physical causes that harm your physical and emotional bodies. With the use of alternative therapies, including dowsing techniques, vibrational medicine, and natural herbs, you can dramatically improve your health and well-being. The intention is to offer general and natural information to help your spirit and emotions regain their natural states of health. The herbs work in conjunction with your spiritual body to bring harmony and balance, and do not interfere with the work of your physician but only add to it. Take a picture of your eye (on your cell phone) and send it to me. I can help. Carlos is available in-store on Wednesday afternoons from 4-7PM, Thursday and Saturdays from 11-7, or by special appointment. Call the store for appointment or drop in.

ABOUT CARLOS: Carlos has been practicing energy readings for 21 years. He trained under the auspices of Hanna Kroeger in Boulder, Colorado for 4 years. He is dedicated to helping others. COST: $45/30 minutes; $80/hour. This content is not intended to be a substitute for a professional medical exam, nor does it replace the need for services provided by medical professionals. RSVP Online

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