New Moon and Sun in Aquarius ~ Supermoon ~ Venus moving forward on 31st ~ Mercury goes retrograde on Feb 6th ~  Chinese New Year commences

SYNOPSIS: This new moon has all the potential to have a really positive impact on our lives. Even with Mercury soon to go retrograde, there is nothing right now to get in the way of your dreams.

The Supermoon influence allows us to reflect and get our vision clear. Don`t allow negative ego patterns to keep us feeling `less than` or `small`.  The double Aquarius energy brings positive New Beginnings so it is time to break free of all that holds us back, be bold, and engage with this new cycle. Shine your light and stand in your authentic power,, for yourself, and in order for others to see `how it is done`. This Moon brings individual actions to impact the collective consciousness for higher good and benefit. The bigger picture has a lot to gain form individual action.

Venus moving forward could impact that which you love and value ~ so finances and relationships could be positively influenced. Mercury goes retrograde from 6th-28th February so be aware that communication could get muddled. Try not to sign any legal document`s, or contracts as details could change or not be clear.

Overall this is a time to dance to the beat of your own drum~ get creative in your life and in your thinking. Be fully present in your life in order you see and take full advantage of the opportunities that will present for you. Your dreams CAN begin to come true, but first you have to have that dream~! It must be clear to you in order it manifests as you require.

Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse begins now. So we move into a year of high energy and change. The horse loves to run free, it is graceful yet powerful, steady and strong. Wood is a growing organic presence, adaptable and supportive. So influences now will be holistic and changing the inner and outer reality in the world. Your world, and the planetary world.

Blessings, Anne

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