I recently listened to a true story as told by Michael Bernard Beckwith. A few years back, a providence in Germany was given permission to print their own money.  And in doing so, they printed their new currency with an expiration date.  The end result was that the people began to thrive.  Unemployment, poverty and homelessness disappeared!  The fact that no one could hoard their money created a ‘currency’ or flow from what once was stagnation.  They flourished!  Eventually they went back to their old form of printing dollars without expiration dates, and within a few years the numbers of people out of work and homeless, etc. returned…


A dear friend sent me an e-mail asking me to buy local.  Well, I have to say thank you, BUT I believe that it’s more than just spending money “within the regions” of where you live!  Just flow trusting that YOU are that All-creative, loving power that created the Universe. Source and Supply is always breathing freely through you, and all you need do is ask.  Ask and it is given.  Not in supplication, but as a command knowing that it is the Truth of your being.

Treat yourself better than you deserve.  And so it is.

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