February Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

By Janis Page   c2012

February starts with a coy, energy-charged opposition between Venus in idealized, romantic Pisces facing off against Mars Rx (retrograde) in pragmatic, analytical Virgo.   This can spike sexual energy and attraction, but also bring to light any challenges or tension we have in our relationships, and call for a bit of healthy space and distance for perspective.   Are the possible complications and tests of this juicy opposition foreshadowing the romantic ground of upcoming Valentine’s Day?    Perhaps – but so much happens in the first week of the month that the astrological terrain is quite different by then.

The most significant event of the month is Neptune entering its own sign of Pisces on February 3rd.   We did have a foreshadowing of Neptune in Pisces as it entered the sign for the first time in its current cycle last year on April 3, 2011 where it remained in the first degree of the sign until August 4th when it retrograded back into Aquarius for a final fling in that sign.  Now Neptune will remain in Pisces until it reaches the Aries Point on March 30, 2025, when the Sun will also be in Aries.   Stay tuned for that one!

On a societal and generational level, Neptune idealizes and glamorizes what it touches – and that ‘glamour’ is meant more in the illusory, seductive sense of the word.   As each sign is in part a reaction toward balancing what was extreme about the preceding sign, what does this tell us?   Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, the often detached futurist and high tech.   Neptune in Aquarius has been the age of falling in love with and over our computers and other technology.   While I don’t expect people to stop loving and fawning over their iPads and android phones, or for eHarmony or Christianmingling.com and all the other dating sites and relationship-oriented online fantasy games to close shop next week, we should start to see a shift.

Neptune in Pisces should bring about a focus on greater sensitivity and empathy, compassion, creativity, exploration, and an even greater thinning of the veils between the worlds.  Those children born now will be so highly evolved and psychic, and sometimes challenged to fit in this mundane world – so they will change it.   Sadly, there will also be those who will have a predilection to fall into the abyss of drug addiction and alcoholism, cults and other false spiritual paths – also Neptune’s domain.   There will be more spirituality – both potentially increased fundamentalism in most faiths, more cults, but also more psychic and empathic development.  Because few of us have the spiritual development and evolution to have sufficient clarity and groundedness, though more of us will as we move through this transit, there will also be also more swirling in our emotional bodies of desire, projection, astral psychism, for better or worse.   On a mundane level, we will also see a greater focus on issues around the resources of water and oil, hopefully finding higher resolution as we move more into unity consciousness – but don’t expect the old power brokers to go down without a ferocious fight.   There may be an exacerbation of problems with addictions, but also great breakthroughs in natural medicine and energy healing.   As we move deeper into the transit, Neptune in Pisces will ignite the potential for compassionate good and incredible opportunities for spiritual evolution and growth, and the resulting expressions of unity consciousness and universal Love.  Wow.

The full Moon on February 7th at 18° Leo is complex as the Sun in visionary Aquarius is very tightly conjunct fast-thinking, intuitive Mercury and the asteroid Orpheus, which relates to loss, death, and music, so it’s a good time to listen to music that moves you.   Many will move across the threshold to the other side this year, and a tight square to Requiem calls for acceptance – ‘Let it be.’   Be mindful of potential miscommunications as well, this further amplified by Saturn stationing this day to turn Rx at 29° of Libra.   Saturn in Libra these past two years has been testing our relationships and responsibilities in general.   Many relationships are needing a rebalancing of energy and renegotiation of agreement to continue on, if they are meant to, and Saturn taking a last step back in the sign of relationships is giving a last call, or heads-up to take note and do what is needed at this time.   For some, that may be realizing and accepting that the relationship has fulfilled its purpose and is complete, and it may be time to express gratitude, release and move on.  It would be best to prepare or make what changes are needed in this Rx phase before Saturn turns direct at 22° Libra on June 25th.   To add one more kicker to  the day, late that evening Venus leaves sensuous Pisces to enter Aries, ready to take risks, wanting what she wants now and on her own terms.   Venus in Aries is far less compromise-friendly that she was in Pisces, so some may struggle against the reality check of Saturn stationary Rx.

Venus joins Uranus for some sparks on the 9th, Mercury does some fancy footwork on the 13th, first with a stabilizing trine to Saturn immediately followed by entering much more spacious Pisces and conjoining Neptune for a time of dreaming and possible confusion or avoidance, not thinking – and then we finally get to Valentine’s Day, which starts with the Moon in the tension of her last quarter lunar square phase in intense and possessive Scorpio before entering much looser Sagittarius, and a stutter of challenging aspects throughout the day, squaring the Sun, Neptune and then Mercury, before finally finishing with a creative trine to Uranus late in the evening.   So the day may have a choppy start before finally easing into something more pleasant later in the evening.   Be loving and patient with your loved ones, and hang in there…   and indeed, the next day Venus makes a challenging square to Pluto, possibly passionate but also obsessive, and with the potential for conflicts about values and finances.   Be patient, listen, and remember there is more than one right way…

The Sun makes a fleeting trine to Saturn before entering Pisces on the 18th, and seeking idealism forming a conjunction to Neptune the following day.  This leads up to the new Moon at 2° Pisces on February 21st.    This new Moon finds the Sun and Moon conjunct and at the midpoint of Neptune and Chiron, squaring asteroid Juno.   Here we are called to consider (which word means ‘according to the stars’!) where we sacrifice – please avoid victim/savior dynamics – where we can collaborate in compassion and understanding, accommodating yet maintaining proper boundaries, hopefully without confusion or excessive need to be a maverick and think the rules don’t apply to you.   Juno in the mix calls for equity of energy exchange in relationships, with possible score-keeping if the balance is off.   Juno also brings financial considerations into the picture.   A lovely 60° sextile to Jupiter assists by bringing a sense of optimism and positive feeling and action to the Pisces planets.  This day is also Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday and Tibetan New Year 2139 – Happy Losar!    What a perfect pileup of aspects and events to remind us to be ready to surrender to the higher good, while remembering to celebrate.    This is the theme for the month, especially where our relationships are concerned.    Take time for yourself, too – this is a lot to process and integrate.

Have a beautiful month… continue the dance to higher spiritual awareness and evolution, now riding the wave of Neptune in Pisces.   Be compassionate, patient, joyous, accepting, and peaceful and aware.   We continue our collective rising into unity consciousness.  As always, Love, compassion and gratitude hold the key to evolution and transformation.  Remember too gratitude and loving support to the Earth as she changes and evolves.   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

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