Dear Ones,

These days can be difficult, new challenges to overcome, new emotions to comprehend. This is a great time of change. Many will find that changes you have made in the past have brought about more changes. It becomes a domino effect; when one falls, the others follow. The beauty in the “falling” is in what lies at the end of the “fallen”…the larger picture of what each change in ones life entails; all events are temporary which lead to more temporary events. It is an ongoing process of mental re-calibration and change. Ones positive perspective is what can make acceptance of change allowable.

Remember the Triple AAA’s:   You have come into a place of Awareness of wanting change, whether it is consciously realized or not. To Accept that change is inevitable and Allow the change to occur, in a manner in which it is most beneficial for you, will make your changes bearable. Strength can be your choice, it is calling. Be the strength. This is the Year of the Phoenix, take flight from the ashes of pain and despair and ride the currents which will lift you above self persecution. YOU ARE THE PHOENIX!!

~We love you very much.~Nick~2/2/12 (channeled by Deb Klepsch)

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