There’s a basic need and desire to flow with all life.  Is this zen?  I beg awareness at every moment of every day.  I think it’s like having your ear to the ground, listening into myself, getting quiet, wanting to ‘hear’ and know my Truth.  What does Spirit have for me?  What are they saying?

I then drop into a loving appreciation for all space and life.  Flow and synchronicity make my heart sing!   Pictures begin to ‘pop’ into my head, and words/messages from Spirit answer me with clarity, conviction and excitement.  I want to maintain this perfect state of grace in everything I do.  Safety, clarity; I’m awake, aware, and in the flow.

A Spiritual MUST for any lightworker.   Read the DEDICATION below and you’ll know why this book makes me fly!

WHAT IS LIGHTBODY? (revised, expanded edition) (Q)
by  Tachi-ren, Tashira


To the Lightworkers who are dedicated to following Spirit with each breath and each step; who are dedicated to embodying Divinity and living Heaven on Earth; who are dedicated to joyous service, fierce wholeness, impeccability, and the cosmic joke; and who are dedicated to a vision of planetary ascension that is easy, graceful, ecstatic, and high-velocity fun.  Ya-hoo!

Quality paperback, $14.95 in-store or on-line

– Working for you in Light in Love, Dianne

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