Happy New Year! We made it to 2012, or at least most of us did… after the rocking and rolling end of 2011, loosening and opening us up with eclipses and Mercury Rx, January rose up squaring off to a new shift and amplification of energy.  It feels a little like hitting the flip onto the other side on a mobius strip, seemingly bringing both more chaos and clarity.   2012 is a pivotal year in many ways, if, indeed, the Earth is in a rebirthing ascension process, and, so are we, if we are willing and able.

There are layers and layers of feeling, sensing, experience, perspective… and different people are having different experiences.   About that ‘squaring off’ – January begins with several dynamic squares, calling on us to pay attention!  Take note!  Show up!  And back off a little in the ego department already.   First, the Moon in excited, aggressive Aries makes an exact square to the Sun in pragmatic Capricorn – and the Sun is quite close to powerhouse Pluto for a little backup on that one.   In Denver, we have a grand square as the Aries Moon is on the descendent and consequently also opposes a Libra ascendant, calling for a bit of balance, neutrality, negotiation, and peace.  The Sun sits on the IC, the bottom personal point of the chart, thus tightly opposing the midheaven and uranian transneptunian (TNP) Kronos in Cancer, imploring us to remember sensitivity and responsiveness, and proper decorum in leadership, as well as maintaining balance between our personal and professional lives.

Next up is an edgy square from the planet of communication, Mercury, in truth-telling but not always with subtlety (ok, sometimes blunt and tactless) Sagittarius, seeking to see the big picture, exactly squaring Mars in detailed, picky Virgo.  So watch for a tendency to be argumentative or irritable, as well as watching for challenges in aligning thought into action.  Instead, seek clarity, discernment and understanding, and appreciation of different perspectives.   Mars is further complicated by being very closely aligned with Psyche, asteroid of exceeding sensitivity; Apollo, of beginning anew and beginners mind; and Arachne, complexities, and networks, including the internet.   There are many ‘right’ ways.   Yes, there are some ‘wrong’ ways, but many right ways.   Stay tuned for more on Mars in Virgo shortly.

Further, the longstanding square of Uranus in Aries squaring TNP Hades in Cancer continues, both at zero degrees, spot on the cardinal axis, so the breakdown and dissolution of old structures and limitations continues.   Surrender and flow, and recognize these challenging aspects as a means to greater freedom and clarity, not as conflict and loss.

Soon enough after the initial shock of the energy changes, we shift into potentially smoother waters for a few days.   On January 7th, Mercury hits the midpoint of the Saturn-Neptune trine, thus sextiling both planets for peaceful, inspired considered reasoning, finding ideas and solutions that can serve the common good.    The following day, Mercury trines optimistic (and often excessive) Jupiter and squares innovative, impulsive Uranus.    It’s possible to be tempted to take excessive risks, and potentially be more accident prone, so be careful when driving.  The higher path here is to move forward with inspiration, intuition, confidence and optimism.

On January 9th, opposing the Sun in fatherly Capricorn, the full Moon is in her own sign in sensitive, emotional, motherly Cancer at 18 degrees 26 minutes.  Both Cancer and Capricorn  relate strongly to security needs as well as timing, so this full Moon may highlight emotional patterns of behavior, and concerns about security and support for ourselves and those close to us.

The following weekend brings another flurry of quite positive astrological activity, beginning with a confident, flowing trine between the Sun and Mars on the 12th.   Friday the 13th begins with a stabilizing trine between Venus in Aquarius to Saturn well-placed in Libra, then an intense, insightful if potentially obsessive conjunction of Mercury to Pluto, soon followed by Venus making a beautiful, inspiring conjunction to idealistic Neptune in Aquarius before entering compassionate Pisces, a sign where Venus is very happily placed, to then form a lovely, comforting sextile to Jupiter the following day.   Wow!   That’s a perfect aspect to celebrate all the gains and insights of the previous couple days.

The next weekend is also active, as first the Sun squares Saturn with potential power struggles and a call for mutual responsibility and respect on the 19th, just before leaving  disciplined, structured Capricorn to enter visionary Aquarius on the 20th.   The same day is a good day for creativity and romance as Pisces Venus forms a passionate, creative sextile to intense Pluto.   The following day the Sun forms an intuitive and visionary sextile to Uranus, bringing about potential breakthroughs in opportunity and awareness, and an empowering square to Jupiter in Taurus.

The new Moon at 2 degrees 42 minutes of Aquarius follows soon after midnight on the 23rd – and Happy Chinese New Year 4709!   This is the year of the Black Water Dragon.  The dragon years are considered the most auspicious because the dragon is the most powerful of the Chinese zodiac animals, and the only one which is magical.   So the Mayans are not the only ones with an eye to this being a powerful year…

This Aquarius new Moon is amplified by the square to Jupiter and Mercury now trine to Mars.   But now Mars is stationary, ready to turn retrograde (Rx) until April 14th, and remaining in Virgo until July 3rd.   We must consider this.   Aggressive, bold, egoic Mars pauses and takes a step back and inward in Virgo, the sign of discernment, service, and health.   We are called to consider why we do what we do.  Does what we do serve our higher path?   Is it healthy for us?   The first level in taking care of the environment is taking care of our own bodies.   We need to be grounded in healthy embodiment to do what we are called to do in this time of such great transition, so be mindful of your diet, exercise, sleeping, all you know you should be doing to take good care of yourself physically.  It’s time to be more discriminating in our choices, to strategize and plan a path of greater service and physical, mental and spiritual well-being, including in our passions and desires as well as our work and interpersonal relationships.

The last weekend of the month, Mercury, which is the ruler of Virgo, tumbles through a series of quick aspects to help us think and make needed adjustments to our path, first squaring Saturn on the 27th to take on obstacles and blockages – don’t worry, be happy! – before leaving pragmatic Capricorn to enter future-oriented Aquarius.   The next day, the little speedster (said with all due respect!) makes a lightning fast thinking sextile to Uranus, followed by an embolding square to Jupiter.

Welcome to 2012!   Move forward joyfully, courageously, respectfully and yet also fearlessly.   Take your unique part forward into unity consciousness.  Love, compassion and gratitude continue to open the way, as we emerge into magical wonder and transformation.   As we begin this amazing year, may the greatest blessings be with our dear mother Earth.  Be ready for change.  As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

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