Psychic Reading

How much does a psychic reading cost?

A psychic reading is found to be beneficial by many and well worth the cost! Psychic Readings can help you sort out your present and future with the help of an impartial observer, trained to pick up on seen and unseen energetic cues of what’s coming in your life. There are different kinds of psychics and even far greater types of readers. Pricing varies as well.

Psychic Reading

Psychic readings at For Heaven’s Sake’s three locations typically cost between $45 - $100 for 30 minutes and between $90 - $200 for an hour. All readers are sub-contractors and as such, they each set their own rates. Well-known visiting psychics may charge up to $350 an hour, but none of our resident readers price at that level.


All readers are vetted through an in-depth interview and testing process to assure that we maintain a high-quality of readers regardless of fees. A reader may charge more, or less, depending on their areas of expertise and years of experience. Many psychic readers at “For Heaven’s Sake” have been in their profession for decades; younger readers may not have the same longevity but bring a fresh and insightful view. Pricing is a personal and professional matter and one might receive direct guidance as to an appropriate fee.

So, how do you choose a psychic reading from the long list of available readers? Do you get excited or resonate with an area of expertise someone offers? You could also schedule with someone who’s been recommended by a friend: they are tried and true. Of course, the best way to choose a reader is to notice who and what you are drawn to depending on your current situation and the questions you wish to ask. These things often come to pass naturally, without force or manipulation. People often “end up” with the practitioner they were meant to see!

For Heaven’s Sake maintains three convenient locations of in-person psychic readers, intuitive coaches, clairvoyants, psychic mediums, tarot and other card readers, astrologers, pet psychics, soul identification practitioners, sacred journey guides, and other healing practitioners.

You might consider a psychic reading to contact a loved one who has passed, one with or about your pet, one that delves into past lives and how they affect the present, one to help interpret a significant dream, one for crystal guidance, or help identifying a power animal.

What about a chakra clearing, tether release, and body balancing? One that balances the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels? We have Reiki and other energy practitioners to assist you. Would you like your aura read and cleared, balanced, and energized? We also have practitioners skilled in dowsing and/or trained as medical intuitives. These professionals can be used in conjunction with traditional medical support.

This week is the perfect time to try out one or more of our gifted readers as it is Psychic Fair weekend with all readings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday set at the $1.50 a minute rate - $45 for 30 minutes and $90 for an hour. Check out our practitioner listings and book online or call the practitioner’s store directly. Services are available in-person, as well as via phone/Zoom/FaceTime. Denver store phone: 303-964-9339, Applewood store phone: 303-284-3470. You may also book online by clicking the button below. 

 Online scheduling

Donna DeNomme is a Reiki Master and award-winning author. We carry her entire offering at our stores, including her highly successful book, Write of Passage. Donna offers psychic readings and empowerment sessions through For Heaven’s Sake at our Applewood location on Sundays and psychic fair Saturdays.



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