Types of Amethyst

Types of Amethyst

There are many types of Amethyst, and since it's February, we thought we'd tell you all about this powerhouse crystal!

types of amethyst crystal

Amethyst has been treasured since the stone age for its beauty and metaphysical properties to heal and soothe the mind and body. According to Melody in “Love is the Earth,” Amethyst has been described as early as 315 B.C. and was named for the Greek word “not drunken” since it was thought to prevent intoxication. (Amethyst is thought to be a great stone to help overcome addictions.)

The February birthstone can be sourced in Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Brazil, Peru, Siberia, Uruguay and Africa. The types of Amethyst come in many shades from pale to vibrant violet.

Let's break down some of the more common forms of this crystal, known as the Master Healer. 

type of amethyst vera cruz

Vera Cruz, our first type of Amethyst

Found in Brazil this pale crystal is in a metamorphous stage as you can see the Clear Quartz transitioning to Amethyst. Melody states Vera Cruz produces an immediate Beta state, producing a calming effect. It stimulates the throat chakra and heart chakra then “providing a calming effect.” This version would be great to use before public speaking.

Brandberg Amethyst

Phantoms are sometimes found within these deeply colored stones, along with enhydros (trapped water droplets). The crystal is mined about 50 miles from Brandberg Mountain, which is a protected holy mountain that is covered in more than 43,000 paintings. It is also Namibia highest mountain peak. It is found with Smoky Quartz, so it brings the powerful high vibrational energy of Amethyst with the grounding of the Smoky. This makes is a great for meditation as it can keep you grounded. Brandberg crystals are excellent for shamanic work as they bring clarity and help control powerful energies safely. Use this crystal to enhance your psychic abilities.

Chevron Amethyst is a popular type of Amethyst

Some folks call this Dogtooth Amethyst because of its resemblance to canine teeth. This Amethyst is excellent for the Third Eye Chakra since it stimulates visions within oneself and into the outer world, making it excellent for journeying. It is also used to perceive and interpret auras, and has the ability to clean the aura of negativity.

Super 7, Auralite 23, raising your vibration type of Amethyst

Just when you thought Amethyst, the Master Healer was a wonderful stone for healing and raising your vibration, along came Super 7 and Auralite 23, both trademark names for types of Amethyst.

Auralite 23 is a more recent find from the Thunder Bay area of Ontario, Canada, while Super 7 comes from a Brazil mine called Holy Spirit.


Sometimes called Super 7 or Melody’s Stone, this type of Amethyst is a combination of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Goethite and Lepidocrocite. This a high frequency crystal that stimulates all seven of the main chakras. It also enhances psychic abilities helping you choose your spiritual path. It has been used to help with stress, inflammation, migraines and pain. Melody states this combination melds the intellect with spirituality so that one may comprehend the nuances of the spiritual realm and the religions of the world.

It is said to have the ability to link all of humanity to help change the vibration of the planet. Something we could use right now. 

Auralite 23, a type of Amethyst for your Chakras

Auralite 23 is purported to be 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion years old. Auralite is composed of up to 23 mineral inclusions and comes in a variety of hues from purple to red and can be translucent or opaque. Because of its many minerals it is quite useful for all the chakras, especially the upper chakras.


Auralite can be used for aura cleansing and spirit guide communication. It is good for forgiveness, which brings happiness. And for those that have problems with their weight, Auralite is known for its weight management properties.   

This type of Amethyst is thought to bring spiritual healing and deeper connections to the Divine, it also assists to connect with our guides and angels. Because of this connection to the Divine and angels, Auralite 23 can help with anger issues as it cools tempers and causes one to think before speaking. 

If you wish to manifest your highest dreams and wishes, meditate with Auralite 23. It can create awakenings and lead you on your path with the Divine as it helps with inner focus. This type of Amethyst can be used to lift your mood, allowing for acknowledgement of all that is good in your life.

Flower Amethyst

This structure of Amethyst consists of soft ruffles and comes in a variety of colors. Melody calls this a stone of love, a stone of healing and a stone of blessings, providing connections between the Crown and Heart chakras. It can help you to forgive yourself and others, along with the understanding of lessons. A stone for “Indigo Children” allowing for the presence of the angelic realm to manifest with clarity, protection and love, writes Melody. Flower Amethyst also has the ability to answer “Why am I here?” helping one bring their gifts to the world.

type of amethyst snowball

Snowball Amethyst, a dark, inclusion filled type of Amethyst

If you look hard, you can find round pink, white or black snowball inclusions in some Amethyst. This formation is high vibrational and is great for sending love and blessings, especially to those we are having “issues” with and who project negativity. Snowball Amethyst promotes advanced healing into the world. It can provide insights into changes that are required to bring peace and happiness into one’s life. It is an Earth stone that can help one attune to the Earth and understand what is needed to help our planet heal.

So, think about adding various types of Amethyst to your collection and jewelry as these varieties enhance the powerful Master Healer. All jewelry at For Heaven's Sake is 15% off during February 2023! Come visit soon. Click here to see all three store locations. 


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