Crystals for Your Garden

Crystals for Your Garden

By Eliza Marie Somers

Bumblebee Garden Crystals

As the temperatures inch near 80 degrees this week, many of you may be itching to get your green thumbs dirty (and we're going to tell you how to utilize crystals for your garden!). But remember, this is Colorado, so start with plants that enjoy cold evenings as the Front Range can get a few snow showers even in May.

Now, let's talk about using crystals for your garden. It is a practice many shamans and other healers have used to augment their gardens. You can bury them in the soil with your plants’ roots. You can put them on top the soil next to the plants or even grid your garden with crystals.

Here are suggestions for crystals for your garden.

Mookaite Jasper: Also known as Mook Jasper, it comes in a variety of colors ranging from tan to red to orange to white to brown and even purple. And it is fossilized aquatic creatures, which accounts for its various colors. It is a good stone for the garden because it is an earth energy crystal.

Jet: Another fossil, this black stone is fossilized driftwood, and is beneficial for the soil as it gives back to the earth.

Rainforest Jasper: Rainforest Jasper is known for its ability to connect you to the earth and nature. It is also an excellent stone for healing the earth and its soil. 

Picture Jasper: This crystal can help you connect to earth energies and is fantastic for griding the garden. (It has been used to find the Earth’s meridian system.)

Moss Agate: Another grounding stone that is good for the garden as it helps promote a strong root system.

Tree Agate Crystal for Your Garden

Tree Agate: Tree Agate helps promote germination and fertility. A great stone to bury with the roots.

 Moonstone: Speaking of fertility, Moonstone is the ultimate crystal to help your garden’s fertility and grow abundantly.

Sunstone: Melody in “Love is in the Earth” describes Sunstone as an “excellent energizer and protector of the home environment and plant kingdom.” She also notes Sunstone has been used in the garden and home to protect against insects, so is a good stone for griding.

Lepidolite: This one surprised me, as I use the purple crystal as a calming agent, but it makes sense Melody likes this crystal for the garden. She states, it is useful for griding disorderly areas of the earth and assists in gardening to help align energy to produce abundance and to eliminate dis-ease.

Zeolite: This formation, according to Melody, is of great benefit to the earth, bringing fertility to the soil and balancing acidity. It also helps increase your bounty.

You can find these crystals at For Heaven’s Sake locations and right here on our website (get Free Ground Shipping through April). Once you've added crystals for your garden, please let us know the success you had with the practice!  

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