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Ceremonial Knife, Black Obsidian/Gold SheenCeremonial Knife, Black Obsidian/Gold Sheen
Obsidian/Black Mirror, 4 InchesObsidian/Black Mirror, 4 Inches
Orgonite Pyramid, Round with Chakra StonesOrgonite Pyramid, Round with Chakra Stones
Hematite/Magnetic/Oblong – TumbledHematite/Magnetic/Oblong – Tumbled
Obsidian/Mahogany PointObsidian/Mahogany Point
Selenite/Orange Palm StoneSelenite/Orange Palm Stone
Selenite Sphere Approx. 2-4inSelenite Sphere Approx. 2-4in
Selenite Heart, 2-2.5 inchesSelenite Heart, 2-2.5 inches
Shiva Lingham 1.25in - IndiaShiva Lingham 1.25in - India
Biotite Garnet - FlatsBiotite Garnet - Flats - ForHeavenSake
Scolecite PalmScolecite Palm
Scolecite Palm
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