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Chakra Selenite Palm Stone 3"
Rod, Shungite 4"
Rod, Shungite 4"
Sale price$36.00
Plate, Obsidian Flower of Life 3"
Palm, Silver Sheen Obsidian 3.5" x 2.5"
Bowl, Selenite Triple Moon 6x3.5"Bowl, Selenite Triple Moon 6x3.5"
Bowl, Selenite Star 4.5"
Bowl, Selenite/Orange Round  4in.
Freeform, Black Obsidian 5.4lbs.
Charoite - Flats
Charoite - Flats
Worry Stone, Carved Chakra SetWorry Stone, Carved Chakra Set
Orgonite, DomesOrgonite, Domes
Orgonite, Domes
Sale price$32.00
Selenite, Small White Bowl
Obsidian/Black Tower
Pyrite - Tumbled
Pyrite - Tumbled
Sale price$6.00
Palm, Tourmaline/Black 2in.
Sphere, Quartz/Clear 1in. diameter - ForHeavenSake
Shungite 3.75" diameter x ,5" thick Plate - ForHeavenSake
Cabochon, Crazy Agate - ForHeavenSake
Pyrite - Tumbled PeruPyrite - Tumbled Peru

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