Uses of Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst For Spiritual Evolution

When you think of Amethyst, do you envision shades of a deep vibrant royal purple or a light pastel with chevron white stripes? However, did you know there is Green Amethyst?

Yes, I was pleasantly pleased when we got in a shipment of Green Amethyst. It’s a light green, lighter than Peridot, and it possesses a softness that I could feel instantly.

Green Amethyst is known as Prasiolite, after the Greek word for leek because of its soft green color.

I love this description from “Love Is In the Earth,” by Melody, “It assists one in determining when the beginning will commence and also promotes the ‘lighting of the fuse’ to celebrate one’s own fireworks.” Whoa, that was enough motivation for me to add Green Amethyst to my collection.

Prasiolite is reminiscent of the “Green Man,” Melody states: “The crystal produces light flowing spiral energy conducive to orderly growth and the progression of transformation, allowing for awakening from restrictive old patterns. A perfect crystal for development.”

It has the ability to clear and activate all the chakras and to “create connections and communication between the self and the consciousness from other galaxies.” As NASA explores the universe with its James Webb Telescope maybe we should all meditate with Green Amethyst.

Melody reveals Green Amethyst has been used to stimulate healing on the spiritual level so we can connect with the perfection of the self and physical body.

Robert Simmons resonates this theme in “The Book of Stones,” when he states: “Beginning as Purple Amethyst, and having, through the energy of Fire (heat), transformed from within, Prasiolite stands as a physical metaphor for what must be accomplished in human spiritual evolution.”

If you are in between careers or struggling to find your path or looking to expand your spiritual route, pick up a Prasiolite. We have beautiful pieces of both tumbled and raw of this crystal at both of our Denver-area locations. 

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