Autumn Equinox 2022

Happy Autumn Equinox

We welcome in Autumn on Thursday, September 22nd at 7:03 MST. This is a great time to reflect on how life has been through the spring and the summer.

Sit in a quiet place. You might choose a favorite, cozy chair, settling down with something delicious you can sip . . . or you may want to be outside to savor the warm weather. Take along your journal so you can consider these questions and jot down your thoughts:

  • What were your goals for this summertime? Have you met and realized them?
  • What have you accomplished? 
  • And what surprises came your way?


  • Equinox is about the balance of light and dark, so consider your disappointments during this time to . . ..
  • Is there anyone you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself for something? There are often gifts to be found in our “mistakes.”
  • What can you let go of? Where can you surrender?


  • And what would you like to draw toward you? is there something you would like to “invite in?” what would you like to embrace in your life? Autumn Equinox is a crucial time to gather sustenance for the winter: physical, mental, and emotion sustenance.


  • Where can you cultivate more balance in your life? Equinox is a great time to set new intentions that can bring in a better balance.


  • Harvest time is also one of gratitude to the Earth and the many ways she provides for us. How can you express your appreciation? I donated to 4Ocean, a non-profit working to clean up our oceans.


As we encounter the changing season, potent energy occurs. The natural world alters her focus, and this time of the year we can glean important lessons of letting go of what has lived its potential and no longer serves us. We grieve and honor those we’ve lost.

Autumn is a time of pulling in – taking a step back from the highly social time of summer, of being “out and about.” It’s a time of giving reflection to what we might desire for the next quarter, the next three months.

  • How do you want to structure your late September, October, November, and the first part of December?
  • Will this be a busy time – filled with many tasks and achievement?
  • Will you have moments to notice the waning flowers and the turning leaves?
  • Embrace this time of heightened potential . . . 
  • Contemplate your new goals and intentions. And set them clearly.

Your thoughts and words matter and will return to you in your Autumn harvest!


Donna DeNomme is a conscious energy teacher, shamanic healer, and ceremonial facilitator. As a Master Success Coach, Donna has assisted clients since 1987 and was voted Colorado’s “Spiritual Health Guru” by the prestigious 5280 magazine for her innovative healing practices. 

Her award-winning, internationally published books, Turtle Wisdom (book, playbook, and cards), Ophelia’s Oracle, 8 Keys to Wholeness, and As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage are consistent best-sellers at our stores. 

Donna also offers psychic readings and empowerment sessions through For Heaven’s Sake and will be at our new Applewood location on Tuesdays and Sundays beginning November 6th.


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