Three is a Magic Number - For Heaven's Sake Applewood Opens

A Great Vision Realized
a little bit of sharing about how the newest For Heaven’s Sake came to be


Serendipity” is the act of experiencing a delightfully fortunate occurrence, happening in a moment in which it is not being sought for or pursued. Such is the way that the new For Heaven’s Sake Applewood came to be!

Sure, the back room at the Denver store had been unbelievably cramped with abundant deliveries and managerial mayhem covering every surface. And yes, both Denver and Lakewood locations had expanded their inventory, stocking treasures from far and wide. Loyal visitors (like you) sometimes came weekly just to see the latest crystal jewelry or newly released tarot decks joining the already well-stocked shelves. And owner Dianne Fresquez had been musing about the idea of another location for a while.

But, on that day, none of that was on her mind when she glanced right while turning out of a parking lot after her acupuncture treatment! Yet, there was the sign (literally) calling her attention to a free-standing building, tucked back on Youngfield Street, conveniently located by I70. Within days, we toured the little building which was quite the mess: there was a lot that needed attention. Dianne and Todd could see past all of that to its great potential. And there was such a sweetness to the little building. Many of us fell in love with it right from the start.

Dianne’s vision for “For Heaven’s Sake” books, gifts, and events has always been the creation of a gathering place for those who seek to know more about themselves, the world, and the spiritual forces in and through all things. A place to explore, discover, learn, and share. “I want a healing center where people can find themselves – whether it comes with the help of a grounding rock or an uplifting candle. I want people to discover their grandest vision for their greatest self. And I want to provide the tools to help with that.” Dianne recognized that this new place was a part of that vision.

And so, the transformation began! After acquiring the entire top floor of this building, a massive tear-out, clean-up, construction, paint, and new floors went into motion. The electrical was upgraded. One kitchen and two bathrooms were renovated. Reader/practitioner rooms were created; offices were designed. And a welcoming event space, complete with a refreshment bar, began to take shape.

Dianne ordered sensational gift items as well as everyday necessities: books, incense, candles, calendars, statues, purses, tarot decks, jewelry, pendulums, crystals, bowls, bells, and chimes! (and so much more). Todd (GM) built new display bases, while Ashleigh, Sharon, and Cameron designed and stocked the displays. Everyone contributed, pouring their heart and soul into this new baby.

Roxanne (Marketing Director) started spreading the word, while I rallied with Becky Swensen and Sue Lion, offering a “Sneak Peek” on September 18th. Sue and I signed our books and Becky offered mini sessions of her meditative yoga. Dawn Barker provided the first readings and was booked all day. Melodie stopped by too. And Twisted Smoothie brought their truck and provided the best smoothies ever!

On September 30th the official “Grand Opening” took place with doors wide open and Twisted Smoothie returning once again. Can you ever get enough of a good thing? Of course, there was also a celebratory cake. Cara Cantarella gave a musical preview, gracing the event space with her gorgeous tones and meaningful lyrics. Gratefully, Cara will be back for a full concert soon. Our own Cameron Henrickson, a gifted opera tenor, joined Cara for moving renditions of Amazing Grace and Danny Boy.  Kai Gabriel and L.Lauren gave free mini readings. And Becky offered yoga. For one session the kids were wrapped like burritos in towels and yoga mats during the ending rest time (shivasana). One boy said, “The best day ever. I’m coming back tomorrow.” Over a hundred people joined us on this glorious day.

Within a few short weeks For Heaven’s Sake Applewood was birthed. A dark green caterpillar ambled across the floor the night before the official opening – a rare sign in this autumn season! Ashleigh tenderly placed the caterpillar on a leaf in the backyard, after thanking this little one for being a symbol of our vision, dedication, hard work and delightful acceptance coming into form in this new place.

Stop by and visit our newest location at:

For Heaven’s Sake Applewood 

2680 Youngfield Street, Lakewood, CO 80215 303-284-3470


 *our 1923 N. Wadsworth "Lakewood" location closed Sunday, April 30th, 2023. All inventory was moved to our Applewood location! 

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