For Heaven's Sake Yoga Now Available

Energetic Healing through Movement and Stillness

In September, Becky Swenson provided a sampling of her EMYoga® during our Sneak Peek and Grand Opening events at the new Applewood For Heaven’s Sake.

OK. DON’T STOP READING. Yes, I mean You! If you’re thinking, “yoga” not for me. I tried it once or twice at the gym and I didn’t like it. Think again.

Even for you dedicated yogis and yoginis take note. I, myself, have been doing yoga of some sort for years and I found this quite unique. What Becky does is not your typical yoga class - with all due respect to yoga.

With an incredibly grounded, even, and gently meditative facilitation, her vocal cadence and focused energy eases us into a relaxed state. It’s easy to “let go” in spite of yourself or any hectic life patterns stressing you out.

Becky then leads us through simple movements, while describing in beautiful detail the powerful points we are connecting with and what expanded energy we are awakening. After just a half-hour of her gentle technique, participants came away refreshed and rejuvenated. Ah! Glorious!

Our newest practitioner tells me that she can even adapt to a chair if someone would rather sit during the practice. Becky is a trained yoga instructor who pairs classic postures with Energy Medicine Yoga ® techniques to communicate with the body in its own language and innate wisdom. Her practice includes the traditional benefits of yoga including upleveling physical health and strength. In addition, harmonizing our physical, mental, and emotional energies cultivated balance and overall well-being.

Check out our new Sunday classes and experience this full-body recharge for yourself! If you’d rather work privately, Becky has a few private-session slots available by appointment. In addition, she offers private sessions with the powerful tool of Reiki as a stand alone or with complimentary, aligned tools to cultivate a unique, personalized transformational experience. She also is an essential oil wellness consultant. 30 minutes $55 / 60 minutes $100. Click here to get tickets. 

Becky has been an advanced Reiki practitioner since 1995, a yoga instructor since 2008, and has been working with essential oils since 2013.

Through sharing her favorite techniques; movement, Energy Medicine, and essential oils, Becky hopes to hold a space for her students to bridge the practice of yoga with a taste of magic, energy, and miracles.

Join Becky for an energetic healing treatment through movement and/or stillness.

Becky is also offering two back-to-back presentations as guest speaker at For Heaven’s “Let’s Get Stoned” – Empathic Hygiene on Saturday, October 15th 5:00 – 7:00 and Navigating the Holidays on Saturday, November 12th 5:00 – 7:00. Learn more and get tickets by clicking here

October’s session will provide tips and tricks to turn down the volume of the collective world chatter, ways to protect yourself psychically and energetically, and practical methods for cleansing yourself throughout the day and when you return to your home. Learn how to sense and feel your auric field. Find out how you can use a gemstone as a personal shield. And clear and cleanse anything that is hanging around that’s not for your greater good.

In November, you can shift your holidays from stressed to blessed, as you learn the basic tools for navigating family dinners, work events, and social gatherings. Up-level your use of gemstones, essential oils, intention setting, and energy medicine to create peaceful, fun, and harmonious holidays. Capping our time together with a special “make and take” - to bring the harmony of our time together home for the holidays!

Donna DeNomme is a popular practitioner and teacher through For Heaven’s Sake, offering psychic readings, empowerment sessions, workshops, and classes. In the past few years, Donna’s full schedule has only allowed for periodic Reiki Information Sessions and guest reader spots. Donna is so enamored with this new Applewood location that she will be our resident reader and practitioner on Tuesdays and Sundays beginning November 6th.

Donna continues to be our resident Reiki Master and will be offering Reiki classes on site.

Her award-winning, internationally published books, Turtle Wisdom (book, playbook, and cards), Ophelia’s Oracle, 8 Keys to Wholeness, and As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage are consistent best-sellers at our stores.

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