Halloween Roots

Halloween Roots

Halloween was derived from the observance of All Hallows Eve on October 31st. All Hallows Eve evolved from the Celtic tradition of Samhain or “Summer’s End.” During this time, it was believed that the veil between the physical and the ethereal worlds was very thin and more easily permeable, allowing one to cross the barrier. Community gatherings were lively festivals, celebrating our eternal nature and the belief that there is more after our earthly death. The Celts set extra places at their table for the dead, believing these old friends and family could join them to dine in the dark of this night. All Hallows Eve was a sacred time for looking back and remembering those that passed; as well as looking forward to what’s possible. When the worldly boundaries were pliable, believers could see ahead into what the future might hold for the living. Dawn’s light closed that portal after sending the others back to their resting place for another year.


Later, after Christianity was introduced, All Hallows Eve included neighbors going from door to door, offering prayer in return for sweets on this eve of All Saints Day.  These were the early days of our contemporary “trick or treat” visits. I wonder when the act of offering blessings was exchanged for threatening a “trick” if treats weren’t given? There is some hinting that it was introduced with the colonial settlers who included mischief as a part of their autumn festivities. Were these also the roots of our modern Halloween holding a sense of the macabre and all that is “scary?”  Or perhaps that element was introduced as an exercise to strengthen our childhood ability to meet what frightens us and transform it into something manageable. Either way, today’s celebrations may include theatrical haunted houses or ghostly goblin parades.


If you crave a more traditional experience of this delightful time, you might consider Deanna Gloyd’s “Into the Night” Séance. Deanna is a beloved reader at For Heaven’s Sake, specializing in akashic records, dowsing, and mediumship. When world-renowned medium and best-selling Simon & Schuster author of Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife, Hollister Rand, called out to Deanna during a gallery reading, she said it was because Deanna had a team of illuminated angels surrounding her! Deanna’s “Into the Night” Séance is a yearly favorite! It’s happening this Saturday October 29th at 7pm. If this one interests you, register now because it fills to capacity every year before the event.


This weekend is also our monthly psychic fair. Perfect timing to consider sitting with one of our gifted readers for a look into your health, wealth, and happiness. Or perhaps you want to ask about a situation at work, with your family, or one of your friends. And of course, there is always the most frequently asked question, “What does my love life look like?”


Whether you attend a costume party or welcome trick or treaters to your door, I hope this Halloween brings a bit of the scary and a whole lot of foresight into what your future might hold!


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Donna DeNomme is a popular practitioner and teacher through For Heaven’s Sake, offering psychic readings, empowerment sessions, workshops, and classes. In the past few years, Donna’s full schedule has only allowed for periodic Reiki Information Sessions and guest reader spots. Donna is so enamored with our new Applewood location that she will be our resident reader and practitioner on Tuesdays and Sundays beginning November 6th.

Donna continues to be our resident Reiki Master and will be offering Reiki classes on site.

Her award-winning, internationally published books, Turtle Wisdom (book, playbook, and cards), Ophelia’s Oracle, 8 Keys to Wholeness, and As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage are consistent best-sellers at all of our stores.

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