Rubies - July's Birthstone

Rubies for July

Red hot Ruby garners the spotlight in July as the traditional birthstone of the summer month.

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Rubies were called the king of precious stones in ancient India because of their rarity and hardness. Burmese warriors used Rubies in battle to help them remain invincible, while Medieval Europeans believed Rubies could assist with health, wealth, wisdom and love. Rubies also have been linked to life force blood, and some believed Rubies could cure inflammation and anger.

Modern day metaphysical properties of Ruby can draw a direct link to the beliefs of Medieval Europeans. Margaret Lembo’s affirmation for Ruby in her book “The Essential Guide to Crystals Minerals and Stones” begins with “Vital life force flows vibrantly through me. I am strong and healthy.” 

Lembo also notes Ruby aligns with your higher consciousness and is great to wear when practicing yoga, meditation or tai chi. Ruby thought to be excellent for connecting with Archangels Ariel, Camael, Melchizedek and Uriel. Lembo also states Ruby is helpful when you are faced with procrastination, and can help get you “fired up.”

Rubies are powerful tools to align the root chakra and can “enhance life’s passion, allowing for the whole-hearted pursuit of one’s aspirations,” according to Robert Simmons in “The Book of Stones.”

Rubies also are excellent for stimulating the heart chakra and assists in helping one follow their bliss. In her book “Love is in the Earth,” Melody states Ruby can “assist one in changing one’s world, promoting creativity and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation.”

As the Burmese warriors used Rubies to help in battle, you too can use Rubies when you need courage to face your fears, prodding you to speak truth to power.

Physically Rubies have been used to help with circulation problems, especially in the feet and legs.

You can also find Ruby in Kyanite, which is a crystal that holds qualities of Kyanite and Ruby along with assisting in astral travel. Ruby is also found in Zoisite, and is a used for happiness and abundance. And don’t forget Ruby Fuchsite, which encourages self-esteem and inspires one to heal oneself. 

Rubies and Sapphires are different varieties of the mineral corundum, and it is chromium that makes Ruby red

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