Particular possibilities are within your grasp. Allowing oneself to move past what no longer serves you, into what assists in your expansion process, is key this month. Those that feel change is necessary will seek out ways to take steps towards those changes. Whether it be through counseling, sharing of ideas, or changing of jobs/relationships…It is the next step into your Awareness of Self, which is essential in raising your vibration towards ascension. Realizing change is a constant in life, one needs to step out of fear, a difficulty that plagues many. Faith in Source/God will assist you in these steps towards changes of new beginnings. Realignment of your vibrational body (rethinking what you believe), will assist you to trigger the Law of Attraction in a more beneficial manner,  which will draw more of what one wishes into their experience. You, being the change you wish to see around you, will bring more change, not only within yourself, but also in what occurs around you. Recently, there have been major catalysts for change being triggered. Some through lower vibrational means. Know that Source/God has not forsaken you, so do not forsake yourselves. Allow changes to unfold through means of higher perspective; through love and compassion. You hold the key to the particulars in your life, and the possibilities are endless…~Nick~8/5/12

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