Many have been finding this a time of chaos…a time when energy is perceived as becoming explosive and misdirected. There are others which are finding that what once seemed unattainable, is now within ones experience. This is your time of awakening, of coming to terms with what you do and do not want in your experience. This is a time of remembering who your truly are…a beautiful light being. Your “perception” will be tested by the dark forces. A battle of the wills, per say. What side will you select? The side of light, which will guide you to the higher vibrational being that you truly are, or the darker side of lower vibration, which is keeping you in a place of feeling “stuck” and non-expansion? Your original “packaging,” when created, was that of light. The perception of misdirection is only that…a perception, of what one believes. We have stated, many times, that the mind is a powerful biological machine. You have the power to move from misdirection into redirection. Tools we have brought forth, in “Marstuthncik: Flight of the Phoenix” come into use during these times: The AAA’s, The Mirror Exercise, The Prism Meditation, and The Void Mediation, which are included in our book,  will assist during these times of chaos and unrest. This is why it was imperative for the book to come into the public arena before your summer equinox of 2012. Let us say…before the fireworks came into fruition. Trust in your guidance…that soft voice that speaks to you with love and gentleness. Remember…out of chaos comes self organization.

Blessings~Nick 9/9/12 (Marstuthnick: Channeled by Deb Klepsch)


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