Happy August!   Isn’t it incredible that we are already starting on the downswing of summer?   The heat is on, but while this month has it’s ‘vibrant moments,’ this time the heat is mostly the kind that air conditioning and fans were made for.  Whew!   After the extreme intensity of June, then July still quite active, August should be a bit smoother, with Mercury turning direct, and a fleeting but intense spike midmonth.   And a blue Moon!   We have two full Moons this month.

Do take note that there are several slow moving astrological aspects that have been and continue to be active, serving as a drone or ground underlying everything else.   Uranus is still closely square Pluto, if currently not quite exact, and this volatile aspect gets ignited by other planets tripping across that minefield.    This particular minefield has been with us for a while and will continue to be active through 2015, so we might settle in with it for the long haul, eh?  Especially those who have planets or other placements around 4-8° of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.   I’ve been saying that ‘strange’ is ‘the new black’ and this aspect is part of what makes that so.

Also, Neptune is slowly swimming Rx, backwards, from 2° to 1° of the mystical giant planet’s own sign of Pisces, tightly squaring the Moon’s nodes all month as they move from 1° to 0° of Gemini/Sagittarius.   There can be confusion or distraction, but you’ll be fine if you stay in touch with your intuition while also staying grounded.  Now that’s good advice every month!

August kicks off with the first full Moon of the month on the 1st, at 10° Aquarius.   Note the full Moon is always in the sign opposite where the Sun is, now in Leo.   This is a pretty friendly full Moon, with exciting Uranus in Aries sextile the Moon and trine the Sun, and expansive Jupiter in friendly Gemini forming a sextile the Sun and trine to the Moon.   Sweet!   Take note though that Mercury, still Rx (retrograde) in early Leo will also trine the north node/sextile the south node – no problem there –  and form a potentially confusing 150° inconjunct aspect to Neptune, so it might be a good idea not to fall into the temptation to be reckless and overdo.

Another factor to this full Moon is that on the 90° dial it connects to Mars, Neptune – action and idealism, or illusion – and Venus, now in late Gemini.   Remember that Venus was quite the leading lady in June, and she’s still strutting her stuff.   It would have been easy to miss, but Venus activates not only this full Moon on the dial, but also the new Moon and following full Moon this month.  Hmm!   So as we ride through the month we would be well advised to enjoy ourselves and others, maybe allow a little indulgence, but stay gently centered in love for ourselves and for others.   We’re all in this together, you know… tis the season for unity consciousness.

Venus moves from friendly Gemini into more feeling, feminine, homebody Cancer early on August 7th for a bit more sensitivity and quietude to balance so many planets in outgoing, active signs.   We may want closeness, nurturance and security in our relationships more than excitement and stimulation now.  Then late that evening Mercury finally stops to turn direct, after a slightly longer than usual Rx phase.   After a time for introspection, redirecting and fine-tuning ideas and plans, and finishing up old projects – and miscommunications, delays, and the usual Mercury Rx challenges, things should finally start to move forward a bit more smoothly.  Remember that the days that the little bugger turns around can be the most intense, so give it a few days for the little speedster to build some of that speed.   Then two days later, on August 9th, Venus forms a lovely flowing trine to Neptune.  In water signs, the opportunity is there for enjoying art and all forms of creativity, for romance, for idealism and dreaming new dreams.

Remember the intense spike predicted at the beginning of this forecast for midmonth?   August  15-16th are the days for high drama and challenge with three big power plays piling on.  First, early morning Venus in Cancer opposes powerful Pluto in disciplined Capricorn.   Here is potential possessiveness, jealousy, secrets, power and control issues.   A better way to go is a deepening of passion and commitment balanced with release of old outdated structures and patterns in relationships, and rebuilding, renegotiating a better, more equitable balance of power.

Almost immediately following the hard Venus-Pluto, Mars conjuncts Saturn in Libra, with the Moon in sensitive Cancer squaring that conjunction.   Self control and proper building and respect of boundaries can be an issue.  There can be challenges of ego vs those in authority.   Hard work will pay off, and it is possible to earn more of a position of responsibility and authority as well.   Libra brings in the element of relationships again, and the call for equanimity, balance, and proper neutrality, which is not indifferent or detached, but which is not emotionally enmeshed – good luck with that with the Cancer Moon involved!

The third hit in this challenging power trifecta is Venus then squaring Uranus, calling for freedom and independence.   We don’t need no steenking power games!    Don’t just fall to chaos in your urge for unbridled freedom though.  If something intense is going to happen in the world this month, these are the days most likely for that to happen. Some may feel the need to break completely free of dysfunctional relationships, or give rise to a ‘me-first’ mentality without consideration of others.  Better – this can help in the breakdown of the old, outmoded patterns and the conscious rebuilding in new, equitable ways.   It can also be brilliant for breakthroughs in creative projects, for new inspirations, ideas and insights.

Venus clustered on the dial with Pluto, Uranus, the uranian transneptunian Kronos (leadership and authority) also activates the Sun clustered with Juno (equity of energy exchange in parternships)(seeing a pattern here??) and the new, very distant dwarf planet Sedna.   There may be issues of abandonment or betrayal, or of hidden treasure.   Here is a call not to get caught up in the extreme momentum and challenges on a superficial level only, but to be willing to go deep into core level authenticity.   What is it that you truly need, not just what do you want?   What do you need to feel safe?   What must be surrendered and released to move forward as needed?   What are the needs of others involved?   What is fair and right?    When you are in a difficult or painful situation in matters of the heart, see if you can find movement and resolution by asking yourself, how can I love more??   Create a larger space….


This all scrambles the energies to be open to the new beginning offered by the new Moon at 25° of the creative sign of Leo on August 17th, which forms a close sextile to Mars-Saturn in Libra, bringing the opportunity for new beginnings in creative structures, creating a new foundation for responsibilities in relationships and creative pursuits.   On the dial, this new Moon activates Venus, both the midheaven and ascendant here in Denver, and Uranus, which will want to pull Pluto into orb for the ride.   So this new Moon packs a much bigger wallop than first meets the eye.   Take advantage of all the juice here, and use your powers for good, not evil!   (sorry, I couldn’t help myself there)

On the 18th, Mercury makes the third and final intuitive and inspiring trine to Uranus at these degrees.   There will be a lot of momentum, ideas may come fast.   Can you take a few minutes to check in with your higher self to see what direction is offered there?

There is an additional motivating boost on the 20th when Mars sextiles the Sun, which then enters the mindful, analytical and detail oriented sign of Virgo on August 22nd , as Mercury makes an inspired and optimistic sextile to Jupiter – we’re ready to get to work building based on our new ideas and direction.   Mars enters his sign of intense, focused Scorpio on the 23rd – watch out!  Mars in Scorpio wants what it wants.  Want what is right and for the highest good for all.    There is consideration in that direction when the Sun opposes Neptune on the 24th and Mars trines Neptune on the 25th.    These transits can bring distraction and confusion, but also have the potential for compassion, spiritual inspiration and idealism.

The Sun kicks in with a trine to Pluto on August 29th, determined to help you focus to achieve goals, leading up to the 2nd full ‘Blue Moon’ of the month at 8° Pisces.   The ‘Blue Moon’ is really more of an aberration of the calendar than anything else, but there is a certain romanticism associated with it – where better than with a Pisces Moon then?   This Pisces Moon is closely conjunct maverick, wounded healer, bridge-maker Chiron, and trine Mars conjunct the uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon (spirit, truth, light, psychic imagery) further forming a subtle grand trine to TNPs Kronos (leadership) and Hades (disintegration, things ancient, research, healers and healing, the shamanic, core level authenticity).   The potential for compassionate, spiritual service abounds with this one.   And on the dial, again Venus.   Can you love yourself and others, in spite of it all?    Even if you are feeling somewhat soul-weary?   There are those who feel like they are almost fading out… can those of you summon the resolve to stay?

Take a breath, take a break.  We continue to be called  to take responsibility for ourselves and  our feelings, our actions, our relationships, and to release and transform that which is not of your highest truth.  Remember who you are and why you are here, and what your soul agreements are with those around you.   Go still deeper, be present and move inward and forward in a conscious, compassionate way.   It requires both courage and humility – again, we can connect to our inner self and source and access lifeforce energy and creativity so it can express and flow freely.   Be in your heart center, connected and attuned to Spirit.

Release, rise up, transform, honor and participate in the continuing emergence of the divine feminine.   Remember gratitude to and for dear Mother Earth.  Compassion, gratitude, mindful awareness, flexibility and grace are essential.   Continue to be present, gentle and honest with yourself and others.  Take time for rest and renewal, to integrate all the shifts in energy and awareness, to rest, to Be.   See where you are called to serve with heart, wisdom and fearless Love.  Remember too to laugh and have fun along the way, trusting in the process.   Remember that Love is the ground, the underlying tone…. As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

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