As a native of Colorado, to me, Aurora has always been the eastern-most city suburb of the Denver Metro Area.  It was originally named Fletcher after its founder, Don Fletcher, in 1891.  After development turmoil which ended in foiled water bonds, the people finally reclaimed this early settlement in 1907, renaming it Aurora.  Literally translated, Aurora means “comes the dawn” and its charter claims the city as the “Gateway to the Rockies.”

Today love pours in from many ends of the earth as we reflect upon the unspeakable horror of one man’s insanity. It wasn’t a war crossing our borders. The enemy didn’t shoot from across the fence, and foreigners didn’t invade us from outside in.  No, his was an “inside job.” A man’s inner war imploded wrecking destruction and hatred on innocent trapped victims, whose only crime was that they wanted to experience a phantasmal picture on the big screen. What came alive is like what many of us have felt before – his dark rage of terror demonstrates the worst reflection of human struggle.

Ours is a reminder to release the turbulent war that rages within each of us because, ultimately, hatred destroys. Like the body’s endocrine system, anger infuses the universal grids with patterns of misalignment that doses toxic vapors, shutting down our ability to sustain life.

So, we too, must relieve the great pressure that builds within us.  We cannot keep our hatred buried alive within us.  Peace can happen with demonstrations of healthy imbued actions: use your words. Say what you feel. More often than not the people or things you war with have no idea that you’re even in pain.  So reach out and speak your hurts and fears. Make peace with others, and make peace with yourself.

Aurora “comes the dawn” will always be etched in my mind as an awakening. Awareness burst forth from turmoil and now lies at the center of our hearts. It calls for a referendum for peace. Gather the people, and send love to this city and to your personal world. Let your actions be the single most loving hail on earth that you do today for humankind. May we know this, Aurora, through your inspiration “comes the dawning” of a new day.

– Dianne Fresquez, President/CEO


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