~ ‘The awakening of a tempest in a storm’ (from a dream, June 1, 2012, 5:00am)

Happy June!   And you might want to get a cup of tea and settle in comfortably, my lovelies, because someone has ordered up a big ol’ honkin’ family-size dessert sampler platter of major astrological events for this month!    This month’s forecast is going to be a long one…

June opens in the turbulent, alchemical container between paired eclipses, following the annular solar eclipse of May 20, which was conjunct Alcyone, the ‘sorrowful star’ of the Pleiades, the stargate constellation of the Seven Sisters which carries the energies of the rainbow spectrum.   Both planets that can come between Earth and the Sun are holding hands in conjunction in Gemini – Mercury, mind, and Venus, heart.   This conjunction is supportive of creative expression, yet Venus is still retrograde (Rx) so some inner awareness and mindfulness are called for.   Have people or situations from your past been coming back around?  Possibly past karmic situations and relationships to resolve, and in some cases, release?  Both Mercury and Venus are out of bounds (OOB), further north than the Sun can ever go.   This urges us to defy limitations in our socialized conditioning of mind and heart.   What is true and right for you?   Have you taken up the urgent invitation to explore within, to seek who you really are, and why you are here in this lifetime at this powerful time on Earth?    Anchoring at the still centerpoint is vitally helpful in the midst of such radical shifts, of so much upheaval and chaos in the world around us.

Neptune is stationary in early Pisces ready to turn retrograde on June 4, to remain Rx until November.   Take a breath, take a step back, breathe, feel… there may be issues and concerns about water and oil, and deception uncovered.   Fine-tune your ideals and align with your higher spiritual purpose and intent.   See where you are taken in dreamtime, as the veils are so thin, and the crack between the worlds beckons…

Now, about June 4th, and 5th…  Neptune stationing, while nothing to scoff at, is not the big news, tho it assists the portals for infusion of cosmic energies that are opening.   The full Moon on June 4th is a lunar eclipse at 5:11am MDT, at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, exactly conjunct the Great Attractor – an unimaginably enormous black hole that many galaxies, including our own, are gravitating toward.  It is of such intensity that it bends light and gravity – scientists cannot see it, but they can see around and behind it.   Whoa! The eclipse of the Moon can reveal emotions that may disclose shadow or karmic material.   With Mercury out of bounds, our openness to awareness may be amplified, or conversely, we may defend against it.   By now Venus has screeched back in bounds to join the Sun opposing the Moon, with Mars tightly squaring Venus and the eclipse, activating passion and desire, will, agitation, urgency.   With Venus Rx, the Mars square could potentially activate old patterns and wounds from past relationships to surface.   Quicksilver Mercury forms a helpful trine to pragmatic Saturn, adding a bit of deliberation and caution.   This eclipse will impact all of us, especially those who have planets and placements from around 10-18 degrees of the mutable signs Gemini and Sagittarius, and to a lesser extent, Virgo and Pisces.

With the eclipse conjunct the Great Attractor, direct your focus and intention on what you seek to offer into the world and to attract or magnetize that is for the highest good.   It is a basic principle that what we focus on becomes more real and expands.   More so than ever, anything we hold in consciousness is being accelerated now.   Rise above any fear or other afflictive emotions – and I know that’s very challenging with the extreme situations so many are finding themselves in these days – this is part of the resolution and solution to those difficulties.  Stay in gratitude, compassion, awareness, clarity, relatedness, and grace.

Then on June 5th, starting around 4:00 pm, reaching exactitude at 7:10 pm and lasting into sunset here in Colorado, Venus occults the Sun, meaning that the planet of love will cross across the face of the Sun.   This is a very big deal – it is an extremely rare astronomical event.   There have been only six occultations of Venus to the Sun since telescopes were invented, in the years 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882, 2004.  This is a pattern of eight years followed by 121.5 or 105.5 years.   The next won’t occur until Dec. 11, 2117.

The alternating sequence of 8 and 121.5 or 108.5 years relates to the Venus Rx cycle and the remarkable cosmic dance that our sister planet Venus and the Earth trace in the skies.  There is a natural harmonic resonance that creates sacred geometry patterns that are symbols of Venus, forming a pentagram or star, based on the Golden Mean or the mathematical constant Phi, a Fibonacci sequence, and forming a rose made of hearts.   Here, take a look:  Beautiful, isn’t it?   Do you see the star/rose pattern?   The dance of Venus and the Earth ask us to live in harmony with nature.   Here is a precious and rare opportunity to connect with Venus energies in a unique and personal way.   The call is for proper relatedness, grace, feminine being, responsiveness, and Divine Love.   Hold your higher self’s heart’s desire in your hands, and offer it, receive it, become it.

Then, after the radiant light of the Sun conjoined in intimate union with Venus (and Venus is also conjunct the minor planet Chaos, so there is a struggle to find balance and order), less than two hours later, the Moon crosses and eclipses powerful and transformative Pluto, the dark lord of the underworld/unconscious. This intensifies emotions and creates the possibility of possessiveness, compulsions, emotional manipulation, jealousy.   Please, no emotional blackmail or manipulation by playing the ‘victim’ – (what a control trip that is!)

There is a higher way here.   For as radically opposite as these unions of energies of the Sun and Venus vs Moon and Pluto first seem, there is resonance and connection as well.   The mysterious Moon also relates to feminine energy, in a sense, the Sun’s beloved, mother and priestess energy, also with her mysterious dark side of the Moon.   Also on a deeper, more subtle and profound level, the feminine aspect of Pluto relates to the archetype of the Black Madonna, who is black for having gone through the fires of the underworld of hell, and being transformed into a being of pure, unadulterated compassion, with an absence of need and nothing to lose.    Now that’s real power, not how thick your stock portfolio is.   We are called not only to reach to the heights of spiritual radiance and Love, but also to descend into the depths of the shadow, to do the ‘roots’ work that anchors us.   Many are being profoundly tested, brought to their knees these days, and many are quietly leaving this earthly realm.   See the mirrors offered…  Can you face the hidden, darker parts of yourself that you may not be comfortable with, and still love yourself unconditionally?

Whew!   Ok, that’s June 4th and 5th.   Take a breath, be gentle with yourself.  Allow yourself time to integrate all these radical activations.   But, we’re not done with June yet.

On June 7th, Mercury leaves its own mentally active, agile sign of Gemini and enters watery Cancer.   We may feel our thoughts more than we think them.   Jupiter leaves stable, sensuous Taurus to enter Gemini on June 11th, where it will remain for a year, offering opportunity to explore your horizons, learn new things, meet new people.    At the same time, the centaur Chiron stations in Pisces to turn Rx on June 12th.    The bridge-maker between the personal and transpersonal, the wounded healer, calls for us to see what still needs healing and wholeness, what we may have left behind to gather and resolve.    On June 17th, the Moon occults Jupiter in Gemini, expanding ideas and possibilities.

The new Moon is June 19th at 28 degrees Gemini, conjunct the ‘Blazar Machine’  (I heard that ‘wtf??’) Yes, sorry, this one is pretty obscure, but… there are stars, planets, black holes, quasars, which are black holes which emit electromagnetic radiation, creating superheated beams of energy, and ‘blazars’ which are optically bright quasars pointed directly at the Earth.    Blazar Machine at 28 degrees Gemini is notable because that was the degree of the Moon for the December 2004 Asian tsunami, 9/11, and the explosion of Krakatau.   So it’s potentially volatile.   This is very near the Aries axis and conjunct the uranian TNP Hades.   We may see some Earth changes, or more hidden information may be disclosed.

Are you still with me?   (I may have lost a few of you on that last one, sorry!)  All of this leads up to the summer solstice on June 20th, when the Sun enters Cancer at 5:09pm MST.   Here we have the astrological midway mark of 2012.   Joining the Sun on the Aries axis is Saturn, Mercury, TNP Hades, asteroids Aesculapia (health), Pandora (surprises, the unexpected), Daedalus (the ‘artful dodger’), Pythia (misunderstandings), as well as the Vertex (fated events and encounters)   There will be new beginnings, some decay of the old, the unexpected, and some things will not be what they seem.   The summer solstice is a good time to review your year so far- what you have accomplished, what may have fallen by the wayside, what to release, what to work toward.  Solstices are always significant as the shifting point of the balance of light and dark.  Here is the fullness of light, after which the days will slowly get shorter for those of us in the northern hemisphere.   Be present with yourself, with how you are living your life, with how you are honoring your commitments and relationships.

We’re still not done.   The end of the month is a bit bumpy…  After a lengthy buildup which has been causing disruption for the last two years, on June 24th we have the first of *7* exact squares of Uranus to Pluto from now into 2015.   This is a big deal.  This is an aspect of revolution, the breakdown of old structures, upheaval, breakthrough, transformation.   It heralds the end of the old order.  This square came close last year, and we saw the Arabic Spring revolutions.  Now, it’s possible that there will be political upheaval (ahem!) but also opportunity for revolution in consciousness.  The past ends now!  (ok, it ends every moment, but…)   The last time Uranus and Pluto were closely aligned was around 1963-66, and there was much political activity and protests then that successfully brought down support for the Vietnam War.  The people arising…  we may see similar events and upheaval, without and within.   On a personal level, you might feel unstable and insecure, as you realize you are no longer who you were, but you aren’t yet clear who you are now becoming.   While the transitional phase may be challenging, the evolution of self will be well worth the effort.

On June 25th Saturn stations to turn direct in Libra, for a last sweep adding structure, testing and cleaning up our personal relationships before entering Scorpio in the fall.   At the same time (within minutes!) Jupiter squares Neptune, beckoning you to reach for the stars… this can be lovely but there is also risk of reckless overreach, so a bit of a reality check might be in order.  Then on June 27th, Venus finally turns direct in Gemini, and the backsliding in creative expression and relationships should finally start to ease, and move forward again.   The last hurrah of the month happens on June 29th, when the Cancer Sun forms an exact t-square opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.   There may be power struggles when attempts to control conflict with a drive for unbridled freedom.   Many years ago, I made a deliberate, conscious decision that I choose clarity and freedom, not power.  I’ve never regretted that choice.   Ironically, it can be a pretty powerful stance to take.   Allow freedom for yourself and others, with respect and fair and reasonable boundaries.

There is explosive release and renewal, and deepening embrace of the divine feminine.  Again, be willing to go deeply into the truth of Who We Are and Why we are here, on this awakening protostar of a planet.  Witness gently, with clear presence, compassion, gratitude, courage and humility.   Be present, kind and honest with yourself, and with those who challenge you.   Take much needed time to rest, to be.   Be strong yet humble, be wise, with flexibility and fearless Love.  Like a shelter in a storm, I’m a willow, a willow…  As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

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My June forecast is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my friends and colleagues, masters in their fields – Diana Rosenberg, master astrologer and the world’s foremost authority on fixed stars (April 9, 1933-June 1, 2012) and Don Campbell, musician, sound healer and educator (December 27, 1946-June 2, 2012).  It’s been an honor to know and work with you both.   May your radiant spirits fly free, and dance with the stars…

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