I acknowledge God in all things.  Every aspect of me.  God-Father, I ask for a healing.  I ask for a great healing.  I ask for the greatest healing never known before now.  God, heal the pain.  Heal the heaviness, the brutality.  Heal the chains of pain and the fear of separation.  Dear God, one Father, hear my prayer for peace.  Peace in the home, our home, and the home of our nation, my home on earth, as in Heaven. 
Let peace be my name.

God, in Oneness, share only love, speak only kindness, know the truth of our Be-ings.  Come forth goodness in gratitude, I hear heaven sing my name.  It is done because I ask putting into motion the Divine Director into play.  My fears now turn to love. I am. 
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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