This is a time of major energetic shifts, which may have been very noticeable with the past two eclipses. We ask that you bring attention to your inner guidance. You are able to now access information which has not been accessible prior to the last shift. The portal to the next level is now available to many that have been unable to “tap” into that part of Self. It’s re-connection time! We have called this the Year of the Phoenix due to the solar eclipses which bring very powerful energy into the Cosmos. The Venusian eclipse triggered the feminine energy into a much higher vibration. It is activating the female energy in both male and female; the pulling of the Goddess energy into the light, which has been hidden within you for centuries. This is a gentle re-awakening. One which will open the communication between your biological “self” and your Higher Self. Correspondence between the two will be more powerful and noticeable. No need for the Postal Service here! The picture below depicts the flow of the recent energetic shifts. One can almost “feel” the powerful energy emanating from this picture. Relish the shifts, embrace the change, love thy self and bring your inner guidance to new levels of appreciation. ~Nick~ 6/8/12

Channeled message by Deb Klepsch

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