Janis_PageHappy June… did you survive all the fits and starts and ups and downs of the eclipses and other recent astrological challenges?   While there are still certainly complexities and multiple layers of impact happening, June is a considerably simpler month astrologically.   June is certainly not as turbulent as May was.   This is good news as so many are still working to adjust to those shifts and changes, eclipse activations, and hopefully breakthroughs? to regain new equilibrium.   We aren’t where we were, and many are still sniffing out and making up what direction and focus is their current intention and reality.   Relatively speaking, that is.   This month holds the summer Solstice, the time of the greatest light, even while paradoxically, the Earth is approaching her aphelion – point furthest from the Sun – at the beginning of July.  

June kicks off with a lovely, sparky sextile of the Sun in Gemini to intuitive Uranus in Aries – and a more testy 150° inconjunct aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, indicating need for adjustment and adaptation, and possible subterfuge coming to light.

June 3rd is a lovely day, with Venus entering sweet Cancer, soon to join in a grand water trine with Mercury also in Cancer forming a trine to Saturn in intense Scorpio and Neptune in dreamy Pisces.   Also, the Sun squares Chiron, so you may have some understanding about painful situations or patterns.   Be mindful of your words, and don’t take misplaced criticism  too personally.   But the trine can bring great inspiration, psychic attunement and the call to do the work to bring ideas into manifestation, though there are some complications that become a bit more dominant by June 7th and 8th when Venus does make the exact trines to Neptune and Saturn just approaching the new Moon on the 8th at exactly 18° Gemini.

While new Moons are a great time to start new projects, this is a confusing new Moon as Neptune turns retrograde (Rx) on the 7th, though is stationary at 5° Pisces 22’ from June 3rd to 11th, causing a lot of ‘spaciousness’ and possible confusion and disorientation.   Mars as the co-ruler of Scorpio is thus the dispositor of Saturn in that sign, and Mars makes an exacerbating square to stationary Neptune.   Pluto is the other dispositor of Saturn in Scorpio, and continues in the longstanding square to Uranus, now in an agitating t-square with Mercury opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, so the energies are pretty dicey despite the grand water trine.    We may hear stories of some violence, deception, or heavy rains and possible flooding.   After this confusing pileup, the astrological energies do smooth out a bit for the remainder of the month.     

The trine between Saturn and Neptune tightens to exactitude on the 11th, offering support in solving mysterious or elusive problems, while Venus opposes Pluto for passion, but possible obsession and possessiveness.   No need to go there, ok?   The following day Venus squares freedom-loving Uranus, creating sparks that won’t work well with control games anyway.  

On June 16th, Mars inconjuncts Pluto for some possible power plays calling for rebalancing and renegotiation, then on the 17th Mars makes a zippy sextile to Uranus for fast-flying action and intuition.  Watch for impulsiveness, and fast drivers!    Also on June 17th, Chiron, a comet-like body bridging between Saturn and the ancient planets and Uranus and the transpersonal planets, turns retrograde at 13° Pisces 50’.   What sensitive old emotional concerns or ancestral patterns can be revisited and resolved now?  

Expansive Jupiter joins the Sun at 28° Gemini on June 19th before the summer solstice when the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th.   It’s time to celebrate the fullest increase of the light, after a mighty and speedy evolutionary surge over the previous six months following the winter Solstice.   My, how time flies…  The solstice chart has the Moon in intense Scorpio, adding depth to the Sun still so near optimistic Jupiter.   The Moon may give a boost to the underlying intensity as the Sun is also tightly conjunct Black Moon Lilith, calling for shadow work, and the uranian transneptunian Hades, which relates to the disintegration at the end of cycles, things ancient, and core level authenticity.   On the 90° dial, the summer solstice/Cancer ingress chart also activates the nodes of the Moon, Mercury and Venus, conjunct for joining of minds and hearts,  and Eris, the local ascendant (for Denver), and asteroids Sappho (friends), Tisiphone (shadenfreude), Apollon-a (multiples), Apollo (beginner’s mind), Niobe (pride and shame between parents and children), Terpsichore (dance, gentle forms of movement), Asclepius (health), Memoria (memory), Cupido (appearances, faces), and Child (children).   Dance the night away with all your friends?  

It is a good time to celebrate, also to meditate to reflect on where you are in your life now, what you have accomplished, what new commitments and projects you wish to begin.   How can you come more strongly in attunement to your heart’s calling?   Remember that things are possible now that were not possible just a short time ago.   Veils are thinning, doors are ready to be opened.     

The full Moon just three days later on June 23rd at 2° Capricorn 09’ opposing the Sun has the Sun now tightly conjunct Black Moon Lilith and only two thin minutes from TNP Hades, also tightly conjunct the 0° Cancer ascendant for the local chart.   On the 90° dial, this full Moon also activates the midheaven (MC), Venus, and asteroid Vesta (the ‘workaholic’ asteroid, neutrality).  Take advantage of the efficiency of this full Moon to move forward with your plans for accomplishment and much can be achieved.    

On June 25th, giant Jupiter enters Cancer.   Jupiter is happy in the water signs, and brings generosity of spirit and kindness, helps with security and nourishment in Cancer.    On the 26th, usually speedy little Mercury slows, stops and turns retrograde at 23° of Cancer, and will remain Rx until July 20th.   You probably know the drill by now, but of course live your life as you will, but given options Mercury Rx isn’t the optimal time to have surgery, or buy new electronics, cars or machinery.   Communications may be confused or delayed, but it is a good time to tie up loose ends and finish old projects, and for introspection and reflection.    On the same day, the Sun trines Saturn and then Neptune, so while you are reflecting and reconsidering your goals and direction, consider your highest aspirations and ideals and think of what steps are needed to bring your goals into manifested reality, and you will reap the full benefits of this ripe day. 

Then on June 27th, Venus changes signs for the 2nd time this month and leaves sweet, sentimental Cancer for flashy, fiery Leo – she’s ready to strut her stuff, and you might be, too!  

After the chaos and confusion of the energy pileup on the 7th, June is a relatively smooth month.   We have much to celebrate in this time of the greatest increase of light for the year.   Rejoice in gratitude.   Be mindful, present, compassionate, fierce, gentle, playful, reflective, humble, creative, kind.  Always, stay in attunement to Source, and in gratitude to Mother Earth and Father Spirit.   Breathe…  Be.  

In honor of reaching the fullness of the light after such a climb through evolutionary chaos and rebirthing following the seeding in the rich darkness of the winter solstice, I offer the lyrics to my latest song, (c2013  J.Page):

Dream Light, Clear Light

Close your eyes

Dissolve into darkness

What is the nature of the dream?

What is unseen?

What is mystery?

  Dream light

    Clear light


       In light

As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.


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