Capricorn says “I utilize” – Cancer says ” I feel”

With this Full Moon which shines a light on what may need to be released, and highlights that which no longer serves  us. We are being directed to feel and examine our inner world and truths, and to discern what we are carrying which we can continue to utilize for our betterment  ~( AND what is now redundant and needing to be released ).  This in order align our intuition and spirituality with our 3rd dimensional lives and world.

The energies of the super-moon, the June astrological trine (~ talked about at the new moon 2 weeks ago ) and the summer solstice on 21st all serve to emphasize the astrological gifts of this full moon energy.     The super-moon magnifies all the messages and gifts of this full moon time. The trine emphasizes the need for nurturing yourself first and more.     And the Solstice is a time of maximum `light` in our lives, raising our frequencies to focus on manifesting abundance and the regeneration of all that is good in our lives.

This time is about building your inner strength and security, and utilizing that in your outer world. Examine your own `power base`.    Where does your inner power flow from? Is it fully from your own inner being? Do you hold your power in all situations? When do you give it away? We need to OWN our power, being able to stand our ground in clear and appropriate ways.

When we align ourselves in this way we also align with the universal flow of love and empowerment. This gives us the strength to comfortably deal with difficult situations and people that often arise in our 3rd dimensional reality.   When these incidents do arise remember your perspective colors what it is you see-!  So try to focus on what is positive, not what is lacking or `wrong`.

When faced with life`s decisions and choices, own your power, and chose what will bring more joy into your life. Not the short term gratification-type joy –but the fulfilling and life enhancing joy.

Anne-Clark-Caya-WEBAnne Clark-Caya – Spiritual Energy Healer, Merkaba Meditation Teacher – Anne Clark-Caya works in the electro-magnetic field (aura), clearing out negativity and blockages that you may be creating for yourself. Based on Barbara Ann Brennan’s work in balancing the energy centers that link into your physical body, Anne re-creates your original `Blue-Print` in order for you to move forward in your life with a clearer and stronger energy base.  Anne is guided by her own, and your, Higher Self – ensuring you are receiving the energy and information most appropriate for you during your session.  This experience is often tangible, and you will feel lighter, clearer and more equipped to deal with life`s challenges as they present.

Anne is British, and recently moved to the USA after living in South Africa for over 36 years.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher and international facilitator for the Flower of Life workshops.  She is an accredited Meditation Teacher, and qualified in Aromatherapy Massage, Stress Management, and Energetic Holistic Healing.  She is currently studying acupressure and Vegetarian nutrition.

Anne is also available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as 1st and 3rd Sundays from 11-5PM or by appointment for Energy Clearing and Healing Balance. RSVP


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