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happy new year, and happy new Earth, my lovelies!   Congratulations and high-five to all who made it over the top and onto the other side – here we are, 2013!

And what a ride it’s been.  Interestingly, January is about the easiest month astrologically that we’ve had since last spring.   That’s a lovely gift from the cosmos, as we still have more than enough to digest and integrate from all the shifts and changes over the last few months.

So what happened last month in light of all the predicted transitional changes?    I confess that I question whether there was an energy influx on 12/12/12 as predicted, despite the cleverness of the calendar date.   There may or may not have been.  But many did gather to
celebrate and meditate, and poke a few holes into the astral realms for a bit of energy leakage.   Many found themselves to be pretty exhausted after that, and some still are.

There was an energy shift and opening on December 21, 2012, the date of the Capricorn
ingress solstice.  Remember how strong that chart was with the tight ‘finger of God’ yod with Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both 150 degree in conjunct from Jupiter in Gemini opposing Venus in Sagittarius at the trigger point?   The universal chart for the year calls for major foundational restructuring with compassion, expansion, truth-telling, and in harmony with the feminine.

Yes, that was also the final day of the Mayan long calendar which has completed, and now the new cycle, the ‘World of the 5th Sun’ has begun.   Sort of a bigger, more universal turning over of the cosmic odometer?   For the record, the Mayans never said it would be the end of the world.  We’re still here.  (ok, so the Mayans aren’t…)   Yes, it was subtle to most, and many didn’t ‘feel’ anything at all.   We did tell you not to expect an obvious
radical change overnight, but that if something did happen, it likely would be subtle and take some time in the ripening into fruition.

An analogy might be getting pregnant – while some do know at the moment of conception that they have indeed just conceived, that’s pretty rare.   Some don’t realize it for days or weeks, and it certainly doesn’t show for a few months. But you’re still 100% pregnant, regardless of when you have the conscious awareness of it.   While the changes can be glaringly obvious to some people, to others, some of these significant energy seedings, downloads, infusions – whatever you want to call it – do take time to ripen through our chakras, channels, and meridians.

That brings up an interesting thought… in early January, an astonishing number of people have been sick.  Maybe our bodies are telling us sitdown, shaddup, take a break already!  
Nurture, sleep, Be, take some time to allow the energy shifts to integrate.  Cosmic morning sickness?  Maybe!

Another interesting confirmation of a cycle change is that the Hopi Indians reported a prophecy fulfilled in that the Blue Star Kachina was seen at 9:00pm on December 21,
2012, and again at sunrise the next morning, affirming we have now passed from the 4th World into the 5th World, the sign of a new day and a new way of life.

Comet Holmes – the Hopi Blue Star Kachina

Comet Holmes is a periodic comet in the solar system which orbits our Sun with an orbital period of 2,511 days.   Kachinas are tricksters, and this blue comet made a rather dramatic pre-show cameo appearance on October23, 2007, when it mysteriously brightened almost a million-fold in a 24 hour period.  Whoa!  It’s back now, taking a deep blue bow as the Hopi Blue Star Kachina to call forth the new great cycle.

In trying to get a sense of the feeling of it all, the image of the final Australian aboriginal
dreamtime prophecy in the movie, ‘The Last Wave’ comes to mind, when an enormous wave arises that washes the world clean for a new beginning.   The shift ‘sounds’ like the roar of that massive swell of the ocean, when that giant wave starts to build…  so many indigenous cultures have prophecies and stories of rebirth and renewal.   Let the cosmic waters wash over you…. Resistance is futile!

And yes, despite that, there are still many resisting change, growth, the evolution of their
awareness, and digging in to their old ways with all their weary heart.  God bless ‘em, and good luck with that.

So that is the energy threshold we open the year with… now onto the astrology for the month of January.

After a sparky new year’s eve with mind-activating Mercury entering pragmatic Capricorn and immediately making an idealistic sextile to Neptune, the little speedster squares innovative Uranus on the 3rd, sparking insights, changes, and a few accidents for those not paying attention and getting ahead of themselves, which many may want to do with action-oriented Mars making a flowing trine to magnanimous Jupiter – some good ideas arising here.   On the 4th, Mercury aligns with powerful Pluto, good to ferret out secrets, do some research, go deeper.   The same day Mercury makes a pragmatic sextile to Saturn, so double-check your work, see if those ideas pass the scratch ‘n sniff test to be workable and to address the problems and challenges they are meant to address.   Thepotential is for an extremely productive day.

On January 8th, Venus joins the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, reminding us that Venus is about money and finances as well as love and creative expression.  What’s the plan to increase income?   This is a great time to explore productive and prosperous ideas.  The next day, Venus forms a lovely sextile with Neptune, so ideals and sweetness still count!

The new Moon is on January 11th at 22 degrees of Capricorn, on the universal Aries axis.   Here is another boost toward making plans to build a foundation and manifest that which you seek.   With the Sun and Moon making a close trine to remote, watery Sedna and the Moon’s south node in earthy Taurus, you can go deep and reach far.   This is not a time for superficial distractions.   The activations on the 90 degree dial fill in some of the potential details of what this new beginning is about.  Included are Pallas Athena (strategy, wisdom), Hades (things ancient, research, disintegration of the old), MakeMake (new paradigm), Mnemosyne (memory, essence recall), Orpheus (sorrow, loss, music), Requiem (acceptance, ‘let it be’), Sisyphus (starting over, repetitive), Poseidon-A (spirituality, light, psychic imagery, media), Sphinx (questions), Icarus (taking flight, risks), House (houses, buildings), Odysseus (travel), Psyche (extreme sensitivity, head and brain), Pandora (the
unexpected), Chiron (turning point, bridging, wounded healer), Jupiter (expansion, optimism)   That’s quite a lineup!   It looks like a call to roll up your shirtsleeves to do the work with patience, effort, flexibility, with a positive direction and outcome.  New
Moons are always important beginnings, and this one certainly is as the first new Moon after the winter solstice.   So get to work!

The next day on the 12th, Venus sextiles Uranus for added spark and insight, and maybe a little flirting?   It’s also good for creative new designs and patterns.  Then on the 16th, Venus aligns with Pluto for some intensity and potential obsession.   No need to go there, but feelings will be running strong and deep, and there are those who will be making big financial deals.  Venus then making a sextile to taskmaster Saturn the next day helps to
get it real, and keep the business plan flowing.

The next couple days bring reorganization and time to close the deal as the Sun conjuncts
Mercury at 29 Capricorn on January 18th, as both planets then fly into Aquarius the following  day, ready for new ideas and innovation.  Mercuryhas another active day on the 22nd forming a jazzy sextile to Uranus and optimistic trine to Jupiter.   There can be big wins and major success here, but also the need not to get too excessive and reckless. Going all or nothing may or may not pan out for you… if you’ve done your work, it

Then the Sun takes its turn, making the same opportunity-making sextile to Uranus on the 24th and expansive trine to Jupiter on the 25th – again, the possibility for great strides and success.

January 26th has the full Moon flashy and struttin’ her stuff at 7 degrees of Leo opposing
the Sun at 7 degrees of Aquarius.   This is a good time to impress with a dynamic presentation, though be sure to know your stuff, too, as you can expect hard questions with the full Moon squared by Saturn in Scorpio conjunct uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon.   Not only is the question, will your plan work, and achieve the goals intended, but also, are those goals for the highest good for all?   Is there a spiritualcomponent that drives it?    There are some illuminating points activated on the dial for this full Moon, too.   Circe (giving and receiving assistance), Nemesis (scapegoating), Askalaphus (health and healing), Ophelia (self-defeating emotional overreaction), Cupido (family, creativity,
community), Vulcano (focus, force, intense), Hopi (the west, minority issues, birds, knives, corn, attack), Hybris (exceeding or failing to meet expectations), Neptune (idealism, illusion, deception), Juno (issues of equity exchange in partnerships and collaborations), Zeus (explosive, military, organization, inflammation).   Do you work, watch your back, be ready for some dramatic reactions.   Keep your integrity intact.

Then over the last few days of January, Jupiter slows and stations to turn direct at 6
degrees of Gemini, soon to activate the Great Attractor and Galactic Center again.    While we witness the shifts and changes, and outer challenges, remember to keep taking care of yourself, nurturing and integrating the changes and new ground. Time continues to soar, dance, dilate and constrict, confuse and amuse.    We’ve been untethered from time for a while now, and may be reaching what someone called ‘vertical time’ – which is pretty
illogical and confusing, and yet at the same time rings true in an intuitive sense.   All time is now.  And wow, things are manifesting so rapidly, alternating with seeming to move in slow motion.   Yes, we still have our challenges, but remember that what you focus on becomes more real and expands, and so keep your focus on what you have gratitude for and want to see increase.

Gratitude is always a central key and gift, as are compassion and awareness, courage and
humility, joy, grace, patience, fearlessness.  Miracles continue to happen on this beautiful, gem of a planet as she evolves through her significant transition. We have the honor to participate in the unfolding of the new awareness and possibilities, for the planet, for ourselves, for all those around us.   The veils between the worlds are still thin – are you enjoying and nurturing your developing intuitive gifts?   Are you remembering who you are, and what you are here for, and taking up that place joyfully, while still doing your
work?   It’s as if so many have been asleep or otherwise caught in a fairytale enchantment, and are finally starting to stir…  Wake up!

We are connected, dancing in Indra’s Web… it actually is possible to see the golden threads that interconnect everyone and everything in divine resonance and rhythm.  Stay in your heart center, attuned and connected to Source.  The awe and wonder of it… unity consciousness.   It’s unfolding, ripening… We’re there.

My gratitude to my friend Scott for introducing me to the song ‘Amazing,’ by the musical group ‘One Eskimo.’   The lyrics brilliantly capture the highest sense of gratitude and awareness of unity consciousness.   An excerpt:

I feel sweet / Do you feel sweet?

It’s amazing

I have no skin / And I feel

It’s amazing

I feel good / When you feel good

I knew I would

And it’s amazing

I’ve wanted this for so long

Now the deed has been done

We shall rise with the sun

And spend our time as one

It’s in the stars / In the sun

It’s everywhere / In everyone

And it will be every day

From now on / From now on

We are one

And it’s amazing

Listen, Listen…deeply, breathe, and Be…  Happy New Year.   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

Lovingly  dedicated to my mother, Ruth Page (July 8, 1923-November 27, 2012),
radiant soul, breathing freely, as you shine and smile, and dance among
the stars…

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