This week’s New Moon and the Sun are both in Capricorn. Below is the focus I will be taking for this first wonderful New Moon of 2013 – I do hope you can join me at For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore on Thursday 10th January from 5:30 – 6:30. Cost: $10.00.

New Moon and Sun in Capricorn January 2013

Capricorn is the sign that `gets things done` – New Moon is for setting intentions – So this is a great time to reinforce and clarify what you already set in motion at the December moons. We are also now fully into 2013, and the new energies are apparent. `13` is the number of the Divine Goddess so we will explore what this means for us in the year going forward. We will consciously embrace and draw her influence into our lives.

To register, call myself on 720 383-8312, OR – the store on 303 964-9339

Anne Clark-Caya – Spiritual Energy Healer, Merkaba Meditation Teacher – Anne Clark-Caya works in the electro-magnetic field (aura), clearing out negativity and blockages that you may be creating for yourself. Based on Barbara Ann Brennan’s work in balancing the energy centers that link into your physical body, Anne re-creates your original `Blue-Print` in order for you to move forward in your life with a clearer and stronger energy base.  Anne is guided by her own, and your, Higher Self – ensuring you are receiving the energy and information most appropriate for you during your session.  This experience is often tangible, and you will feel lighter, clearer and more equipped to deal with life`s challenges as they present.

Anne is British, and recently moved to the USA after living in South  Africa for over 36 years.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher and  international facilitator for the Flower of Life workshops.  She is an  accredited Meditation Teacher, and qualified in Aromatherapy Massage,  Stress Management, and Energetic Holistic Healing.  She is currently  studying acupressure and Vegetarian nutrition.

Anne is also available on Tuesday and 1st and 3rd Sundays from 11-5PM or by appointment for Energy Clearing and Healing Balance. RSVP

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