Essential Oils DenverEssential Oils for Emotions
By Eliza Marie Somers

With summer winding down and school cranking up, our emotions can run high as we juggle home, family, work and school in a 24-hour day. To help you sail through the day without losing control here are some suggested essential oils that might help you and your family.

Control: Are you a controlling person? Try Cilantro, and be careful with this oil for it is strong. If I put some in my water or diffuse this oil I use a wooden toothpick. Really, that’s all you need. The first time I diffused Cilantro I had to open all the windows. It is a great detoxifier, too, and helps in emotional cleansing. 

Critical of yourself: Turn to Bergamot when you find that self-talk is not positive. Bergamot is a citrus plant, and may explain why it lifts your mood and feelings of stress. According to doTerra, it is unique in that is uplifts and calms at the same time. 

Overwhelmed with family issues: Douglas Fir helps you let go of negative family patterns and increases your bond with family members. It can also be used to open airways and promote a positive mood. It combines well with Bergamot.

Fatigue, low energy: Basil! This was a surprise when I read the smell of basil is rejuvenating and may strengthen the adrenals. It also is good to diffuse while the kiddos are doing their homework as it helps to promote focus and alertness. 

Sadness: Ylang ylang can bring about a more joyful and playful emotion. It’s excellent for releasing past traumas and bottled up anger and sadness. It is used in perfumes and may explain why you feel less stress and tension when you spray on your favorite scent. 

Overworked: Tangerine is a wonderful scent to those who feel overburdened. The oil brings out joyfulness and an optimistic attitude. 

Lethargic: Lemongrass is a cleansing oil for your energy. It helps one to let go of toxic energies, such as limiting beliefs and negativity. It can help while you are cleaning clutter as it helps you let go of things you no longer need. 

We carry a full line of therapeutic quality essential oils at our Denver location. Please stop by or call 303-964-9339. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition. Reference: Emotions and Essential Oils from Aromatools.  

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